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SWE’s A4E Program Supports Companies Seeking to Retain Diverse Talent

Explore the benefits and FAQs of participating in the A4E program and how to register for the 2024 cycle.
SWE’s A4E Program Supports Companies Seeking to Retain Diverse Talent - a4e program

In 2023, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) launched the Advocates for Empowerment (A4E) Program. The A4E Program was developed to support and encourage organizations to create an inclusive environment for women working in engineering and promote equity in the field. Participating in the A4E program offers companies a unique opportunity to benchmark their gender parity efforts while also receiving recognition for valuing diversity in engineering and technology.

Using demographic data on a company’s engineering and technology workforce and information about their programs, policies, and practices, SWE generates a report that offers actionable information that organizations can use to target specific areas for change to strengthen their retention efforts.

Make 2024 the year your organization takes a huge stride toward greater gender parity and equality! The A4E Program is now accepting registrations for the 2024 cycle. Read on to explore the benefits of participating in the A4E Program and the steps involved in registering.

What Is the A4E Program?

The A4E Program gathers and analyzes data from participating organizations. The program focuses on two weighted categories of questions:

  • Representation of Diverse Women in the Workforce and Programs
  • Policies & Practices to Retain and Advance Diverse Women

Additionally, there is a non-weighted category that examines corporate culture.

After answering these questions, organizations receive a report that provides them with actionable items to improve their efforts to increase gender parity and equality in their engineering and technology workforce.

SWE’s A4E Program Supports Companies Seeking to Retain Diverse Talent - a4e program

My Company Already Participates in a Recognition Program(s). How Is A4E Different?

Participating in the A4E program allows organizations to benchmark their strategic and human capital programs, policies and practices against other organizations. Unlike other recognition programs, the A4E Program is focused on continuous improvement.

The program was created for those organizations who are truly committed to supporting diverse engineering and technology talent — from recruitment through advancement and into leadership. Organizations are encouraged to participate at least every three years to monitor progress over time. SWE views the A4E Program as a long-term commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the engineering and technology workforce.

Participating organizations will receive a confidential individual report with their results and an aggregated report describing the results of all participating organizations, if enough companies participate. Companies will receive a digital A4E Champion logo to recognize their commitment to equity that they can display on their websites, in the media and at various career fairs — including the career fair at SWE’s annual conference.

The A4E program allows your organization to benchmark your gender parity efforts and receive recognition for valuing diversity in engineering and technology.

How Can My Company Participate?

To join the A4E program, companies need to meet the eligibility requirements and register online by June 15, 2024. Individuals with access to the company’s demographic data and information about the company’s programs, policies and practices should serve as the primary contact — typically someone within Human Resources or involved with the DEI&B activities of the organization.

The eligibility criteria include being a privately held or publicly traded for-profit company with a significant U.S.-based workforce. At this time, eligible companies must have a minimum of 25 women employees in engineering and technology positions at the professional, mid-level, and senior levels (below the executive level).

The A4E program offers two participation packages: the Basic Package and the Premium Package.

  • Basic Package — A free package that provides organizations with an individual score report and the aggregate report.
  • Premium Package — For a moderate fee, receive more detailed information that pinpoints opportunities where small adjustments could result in big gains.

Learning what other organizations are doing and sharing best practices is the goal of the A4E Program. Organizations that register will need to submit their organization’s data and additional documents by July 1, 2024.

I’m Interested! What’s Next?

Participating in the A4E Program is a cost-effective way to show that gender equity is important to your organization. Register your company by June 15 and complete the application by July 1. Begin the registration process by visiting the A4E registration page.

The SWE A4E Program allows companies to focus on achieving parity for diverse women in engineering and technology. Through the A4E Program, organizations gain valuable insights, benchmark their efforts, and contribute to positive change in the industry. If you have any questions about the A4E Program, please reach out to


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