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“Mission Unstoppable”: Meet Tayah Allen, SWE Collegiate Member

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) was featured on the CBS series “Mission Unstoppable”! Watch the segment here where Tayah introduces her family members to industrial engineering via a marshmallow tower building competition.
“Mission Unstoppable”: Meet Tayah Allen, SWE Collegiate Member

Each week on the CBS series “Mission Unstoppable,” celebrity host Miranda Cosgrove highlights the fascinating female innovators who are on the cutting edge of science – including zoologists, engineers, astronauts, codebreakers and oceanographers.

Tayah Allen, a collegiate SWE member, represented SWE on an episode of “Mission Unstoppable” and taught her siblings about industrial engineering through a marshmallow tower building competition! This segment of Mission Unstoppable is brought to you by SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council.

Watch SWE’s Segment of “Mission Unstoppable”:

Then, check out Mission Unstoppable’s Twitch stream with SWE President Dr. Alexis McKittrick to learn more about her personal experience as a woman in engineering and how SWE is empowering women and girls to achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders.

You can also get to know Tayah and her story in the blog interview below.

Welcome Tayah! Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about who you are?

Absolutely! My name is Tayah Allen, and I currently attend the University of Central Florida. I have been a collegiate SWE member since the start of my freshman year in 2018 and have scored some incredible opportunities — all because of my involvement with the organization. Outside of school, I’m super passionate about volunteering in my community.

What made you want to get into engineering? Did you have any role models who influenced your decision to pursue a STEM career?

Engineering runs in the family; my mom graduated with her industrial engineering degree from the same school I am attending. Not only do I admire her and see her as a role model, but I was able to get a front row seat of what I could expect to learn as an industrial engineering student and professional. Seeing her excited about her future made me eager to pursue mine!

What field of engineering are you studying?

I’m studying industrial engineering!

How has SWE helped you along your journey to this point?

SWE was the first organization I ever joined at my university. Because of SWE, I was able to explore different engineering disciplines, feel confident with my choice to pursue industrial engineering, find a sense of community and gain the professional and technical skills needed to be successful in my field. In addition, I have taken advantage of the annual SWE conference for the last five years and have landed four different internships across three different industries! These experiences have made me even more excited about my future in engineering.

What has been your biggest lesson so far as a woman in STEM?

Never be afraid to take up space in any arena. As a woman in STEM — and especially engineering — there have been many occasions where I have been the only woman in a room and have felt scared and that I didn’t belong. However, when I realized that I was placed in those situations because I am passionate about my future in engineering and qualified to have a seat at the table, it truly made the difference!

What are you most excited about for the future when it comes to your career?

I’m excited to use my career to help people. Engineers help people and organizations find solutions to their problems, and my goal is always to be of service to others and make their lives easier. As an engineer, I will get to do that every day.

How do you plan to stay involved with SWE after you graduate college?

I am so excited to continue being a member of SWE as a professional SWE member and potentially even paying it forward as a mentor in the SWE Mentor Network! No matter what, I know I will always be a part of SWE; the organization has changed my life.

Without giving away any spoilers, what are you looking forward to viewers seeing on your segment of “Mission Unstoppable”?

My family! I was fortunate enough to bring my brother and sister along, and they are featured in the segment, too.


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