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SWE Cambridgeshire Affiliate Hosts “Meet, Greet & Treats” Outreach Event

Learn about the inaugural networking day that brought together 60 attendees from 20 organizations, fostering connection and collaboration.
SWE Cambridgeshire Affiliate Hosts “Meet, Greet & Treats” Outreach Event

The “Meet, Greet & Treats” event, organized by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Cambridgeshire Affiliate, took place on 21 Sept. at Newton House in the Cambridge Business Park. This networking event aimed to unite professionals from over 20 organizations for a day of connection, collaboration and celebration.

Led by Madhuparna Datta, the dedicated committee worked diligently for two months to bring ideas to life. Tasks included website development, registration setup, marketing and poster distribution, individual table organization, catering orders, badge making and more.

The vibrant event day featured diverse activities, including a dotmocracy table, a photo wall, a networking scavenger hunt and a raffle to give away the grand prize of a Raspberry Pi. Attendees actively participated in discussions on work-life balance, shared internship experiences and explored their engineering passions.

Special thanks to:

  • Madhuparna Datta for working in the background on the various logistics needed to pull off the event satisfactorily.
  • Karuna Padala for working on the websites, registration forms and personalised name tags, and to Imane El Fentis and Sujita Balla for their help with setting up and maintaining the busy registration desk on the day of the event.
  • Fatima Zahra for the posters, photography and marketing alongside Ruth Jackson, who also helped organise the dotmocracy table with Karen Medhat.
  • Amy Lorimer for shaping the event with her quick catering orders, badge making and laminating slides for the day.
  • Raquel Araya, Diana Ospina and Amy Martindale-Dobson for successfully pulling off the photo wall and the networking scavenger hunt.
  • Jing Li for showcasing the affiliate’s volunteering opportunities on the day.
  • Eirini Panda and Amrapali for preparing the SWE Affiliate table.
  • Tracy Thomas from the Business Park who offered Newton House as a gratis venue.
  • Marina Marti Quesada, Seiba Abdul Rahman, Eve Mason, Felicia Cabotari and everyone else who helped out on the day.
SWE Cambridgeshire Affiliate Hosts “Meet, Greet & Treats” Outreach Event
The SWE Cambridgeshire Committee

Event Highlights

Dynamic Activities

The event featured a range of engaging activities and dedicated stalls for specific purposes. These included a welcome hub, an information desk showcasing the core activities of SWE Cambridgeshire and a dotmocracy table where attendees visually shared their experiences as women engineers. This setup provided attendees the chance to discover more about the affiliate and explore opportunities for greater involvement.

Networking Treasure Hunt

A unique feature of the event was the networking treasure hunt, where attendees weaved through the venue, connecting with various professionals to complete their hunt. This facilitated organic networking opportunities and added an element of excitement to the event.

Raffle and Photo Opportunities

Attendees had the chance to win prizes through a raffle and pose for photos at the well-prepared photo wall, which included special banners and signs. This fostered fun and interactivity, creating memorable moments and a sense of community.

Positive Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere was lively, with discussions, laughter and a sense of camaraderie prevailing. Attendees expressed a keen sense of belonging, emphasizing the success of the event beyond its organizational aspects.

Key Takeaways

Sixty attendees from 22 engineering-related organizations participated in the event, including: Apple, Arm, Cadence, Cambridge Consultants, Cambridge University, Cambridge Wireless, Collins Aerospace, IBM, Ieso, IOT747, Keysight, Mathworks, Microchip, Motorola, Qualcomm, Raspberry Pi, Samsung, Stagecoach, Synaptics UKESF, University of York and Vectura. The event was a roaring success thanks to the positive feedback, active participation and support of our event sponsors, SWE and Cadence Design Systems, who contributed to the event’s overall impact.

Meaningful Connections

The success of the event extended beyond statistics, emphasizing the creation of meaningful connections. Attendees engaged in dynamic discussions, shared valuable insights and formed connections that went beyond typical professional introductions.

Empowering Women in Engineering

The event effectively showcased opportunities in the engineering industry. It also facilitated knowledge sharing and provided a platform for women engineers to connect. It left attendees feeling empowered and optimistic about the future of women in engineering.

Committee Dedication

The committee’s tireless efforts, led by Madhuparna Datta, were crucial in the planning and execution of the event. Their commitment and passion were reflected in the positive atmosphere, leaving attendees with a sense of belonging and excitement for future initiatives.

Get in Touch With SWE Cambridgeshire

The “Meet, Greet & Treats” event not only achieved its goal of fostering networking, but also created an interactive experience for attendees, solidifying the foundation for future endeavours by the Society of Women Engineers in Cambridgeshire. Please feel free to reach out to get involved. The committee would love to welcome you aboard!


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