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SWE Honors Bechtel’s Commitment to Gender Diversity and Inclusion With FY23 President’s Award

Bechtel has partnered with SWE on a number of important initiatives that showcase a strong commitment to gender diversity and inclusion.
women engineering leaders from Bechtel and SWE

Dayna Johnson, Bechtel M&T President Catherine Hunt Ryan, Karen Horting, Global Manager of Strategic Partnerships Claudia Stephens, Jennifer Scott and Senior Subcontractors Administrator Seyma Pelister.

Recently, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) recognized Bechtel as the recipient of SWE’s FY23 President’s Award during the “Coffee, Tea and SWE” event in Reston, Va.

SWE’s President’s Award is given out yearly to one organization or individual that has truly collaborated with SWE to advance our mission of empowering women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders; expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life; and demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion.

Over the past year, Bechtel has collaborated with SWE through a number of initiatives showcasing a significant commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. With support from Bechtel Group Foundation, SWE’s pre-university initiatives have thrived in numerous ways, including the SWENext Program, in which Bechtel leads a club; the partnership in developing a training handbook for starting SWENext Clubs, which was developed with input from Bechtel’s Houston employees; and the popular “Constance and Nano” engineering comic book series that highlights three Bechtel colleagues, motivating young female students.

SWE Honors Bechtel's Commitment to Gender Diversity and Inclusion With FY23 President’s Award
SWE Past President Dayna Johnson; SWE Executive Director & CEO Karen Horting;
and President, Bechtel Manufacturing & Technology, Catherine Hunt Ryan

Additionally, Bechtel’s involvement in the STEM Reentry Task Force and the launch of its Returners Program emphasizes its approach to reintegrating talent into the engineering sector. Bechtel’s global engagement also demonstrates its broad impact, particularly in supporting SWE’s WE Local Bengaluru and Barcelona conferences last year. Its active role in the SWE Corporate Partnership Council further strengthens its influence in promoting gender equality in engineering across different industries and disciplines.

“In acknowledgment of Bechtel’s significant contributions and steadfast partnership, it is an honor to award them the FY23 SWE President’s Award, a testament to their dedication and an inspiration for ongoing efforts towards gender parity in the engineering profession,” said SWE Past President Dayna Johnson as she presented the award.

FY23 SWE President's Award
The SWE FY23 President’s Award for Bechtel Corporation


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