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Learn about the different engineering pathways that you can pursue as a career.

With so many different fields in STEM to explore, it can be difficult to know which path is right for you. Thankfully, SWE has compiled information on numerous fields of engineering, such as Nuclear Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mining Engineering, and more! On SWE’s STEM Pathways page, you can learn about various career paths in engineering, including the educational requirements for each job and insights from students and professionals. 

Each of the fifteen available STEM pathways has an interactive course attached where you can learn the ins and outs of each engineering career listed.

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Work your way through four different sections explaining each career path, what steps to take in your education to reach each career, experiences from real life engineers, and resources for continued education. 

Want to continue learning about careers in STEM? Join SWENext or SWENext High School Leadership Academy (SHLA) to become a part of SWE’s engineering and technology community.


This project is based upon work partially supported by the generosity of the Exxon Mobil Foundation and Bechtel.

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