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Tips to Get SWE Program Development Grant Funding

With generous funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation, SWE Program Development Grants are available for strategic activities of SWE members and sections.
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What Are the Top Five Tips to Get SWE Program Development Grant (PDG) Funding in FY17?

With generous funding from the ExxonMobil Foundation, micro-grants are available to support the strategic activities of SWE members and SWE sections. Throughout FY17, the PDG Committee will meet monthly to review grant requests and award funds to advance the mission of SWE through local section and membership activities.

In FY17 there is a new funding plan, guidelines, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please be sure to review these in depth on the PDG section of SWE’s main website BEFORE submitting a request.

The FY17 Funding Plan and FY17 Show Me the Money webinar are also great tools to assist in preparing your request.

Tip #1: Start early!

Submit your grant at least three months before the event.

Tip #2: Keep your request to $1,000 or below.

Maximum awards are $5,000. Due to limited funds and high demand, most PDG grant awards will be under $1,000; few exceptions will reach the $5,000 cap.

Tip #3: Have SWE sponsorship.

All proposals must be sponsored by an official SWE organization, such as a Section, MALs, Society Committee, or Affiliate. SWENext members must obtain the sponsorship of one of the above mentioned organizational units and the unit must be in good standing with the Society.

Tip #4: The devil is in the details!

While the application can be found here, your organization’s financials, budget, and any past PDG grant reports must be in order to receive funding.

Tip #5: Remember to inspire innovation!

These grants are meant to support the great local work that is happening across the world. Whether supporting K-12 students or conducting professional development for members, the focus should be on helping women and girls aspire, advance, and achieve in engineering and technology!

Want to learn more about eligibility, funding priorities, and how to submit a proposal? Check it all out here.

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