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2023 WE Local Collegiate Competition Achievements

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 WE Local Collegiate Competition awards! Learn more about their research projects in this article.
college women engineers at a poster competition

The WE Local Collegiate Competition committee proudly announces a highly successful year!

Collegiate members from all corners of the world participated in five WE Local conferences held this season, where they demonstrated their research work to a wider audience of engineering professionals, showcased their presentation skills, and competed for prestigious awards.

The conferences were held in renowned cities, which included three in the U.S. (one in Detroit, Mich., one in Hartford, Conn., and one in Seattle, Wash.), as well as Barcelona, Spain, and Bengaluru, India.

The WE Local Collegiate Competition student finalists were selected via a rigorous online abstract judging process. Award recipients in the U.S. were selected from the finalists based on oral and poster presentations. Award recipients outside of the U.S. were selected from the finalists based on poster presentations.

The competitions provided the audience and finalists with a diverse array of interesting topics and innovative research, undoubtedly igniting potential inspiration.

Here are the recipients of the 2023 WE Local Collegiate Competition awards by city:

Detroit, United States


  • 1st place: Aislinn Marcee (Trinity University)
    Bi-Directional Self-Resistance Exoskeleton to Combat Muscular Atrophy in Microgravity
  • 2nd place: Haley Dees (Kent State University)
    Winglet Shape Aerodynamic Impact on the Performance of an Aircraft; An Experimental and an Analytical Evaluation
  • 3rd place: Ericka Nuenez Rios (Western New England University)
    Drivers of Water Consumption in Massachusetts


  • 1st place: Lauren Ross (University of Detroit, Mercy)
    Design of a Custom Force Fixture to Fit Miniature Load Cells for Individual Finger Force Measurement
  • 2nd place: Bukola Oni (Iowa State University)
    Developing a Model for Improving the Reliability of Navigable Waterway Infrastructure
  • 3rd place: Zahra (Nagar) Bassari (The University of Alabama)
    Subsensory Electrical Noise Stimulation Applied to the Lower Trunk Improves Postural Control During Visual Perturbations

poster competition at 2023 we local conference

Hartford, United States


  • 1st place: Maeve Janecka (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Engineering Low-Cost Nanotextured Steel for Therapeutic Protein Delivery
  • 2nd place: Julia DeForest (Western New England University)
    Use of an Alignment Device to Align a Lower Limb Prosthesis
  • 3rd place: Erin Cowen (The Ohio State University)
    Post-Operative Accuracy of Mandibular Reconstruction Surgeries Using In-House Manufacturing of 3D Anatomic Models


  • 1st place: Ivana Suchánková (Uppsala University)
    Aptamer-Based Electrochemical Detection of Interleukin-6 From Blood Plasma for Early Detection of Sepsis
  • 2nd place: Tayah Turocy (Yale University)
    Selective Elimination of Genotoxic Bacteria From the Human Gut Microbiome

Seattle, United States


  • 1st place: Ashley Ulrichson (United States Military Academy)
    Analyzing Aircraft Maintenance at the 160th SOAR (A)
  • 2nd place: Hayley Kumagai (California State University, Fresno)
    Thermal Therapy Treatment of Tremors
  • 3rd place: Abiela Meek (Utah State University)
    The New Palm Oil: Pyruvic Acid Grown Algae Oil


  • 1st place: Phuong Nguyen (University of Washington)
    Extracellular Vesicles as Therapeutic Vehicles and Molecular Probes in the Neonatal Brain
  • 2nd place: Nazik Citir Razavi (Iowa State University)
    Developing Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision-Making Technologies in Road Management
  • 3rd place: Claire Wu (University of Southern California)
    Hybrid Pulsed Laser Deposition Approach for Thin Film Growth of Chalcogenide Perovskites

Barcelona, Spain

  • 1st Place: Ksenia Kulakova (Czech Technical University)
    A New Approach Towards Cancer Treatment: Finding the Most Effective and Safe Way of Destroying Tumors by Heat
  • Runner-up: Ramya Bhagirathi Subramanian (University of Washington, Seattle) – Examining Safety Systems and Community Response to Harassment in Social Virtual Reality

Bengaluru, India

  • 1st Place: Ria Kataria (Amity University, Noida)
    Simulation Study of Cosmic Ray Muon Tomography With High-Z Materials
  • Runner-up: Vaidehi Sinha (MIT World Peace University)
    Forearm Bone Fracture Detection Using DenseNet

Congratulations to all the finalists for their hard work and the excellent display of their research!

Special thanks go to the WE Local Advisory Board, Local Host Committee, and SWE Headquarters’ members for their dedicated efforts and tireless work in organizing the conferences and ensuring the WE Local Collegiate Competition was a resounding success.

The WE Local Advisory Board is excited to announce that planning for the 2024 WE Local conferences has already begun.

Check out the WE Local website for more information about the Collegiate Competitions and how you can be a part of this exceptional event.