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How to Be an Ally Outside of Hispanic Heritage Month

In this final blog for Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), we will share a few ways that you can continue to be an ally outside of HHM and immerse yourself in education and culture.
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Throughout this past month, the SWE Latinos AG has been sharing information and perspectives of Hispanics & Latinx folks in STEM. These stories and this culture need to be recognized and appreciated outside of this 30-day event.

ally's of Hispanic Heritage Month

The best way you can help to support the needs and uplift the voices of the Hispanic & Latinx community is to educate yourself on the culture, struggles, and perspectives of that community.

In this final blog for Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), we will share a few ways that you can continue to be an ally outside of HHM and immerse yourself in education and culture. These lists are not all-inclusive of the options available but do provide a starting point for further engagement.

How to Be an Ally Outside of Hispanic Heritage Month


These are things that you can do actively or passively to continue to support the Latinx and Hispanic folks in your circles and community. Joining groups and engaging in the discussion will help to educate you on the needs and priorities of that community. Supporting groups and organizations that value diversity and that work towards including and engaging underrepresented minorities is also a great way to promote racial and gender diversity.

  • Join the SWE Latinos Affinity Group: we host networking opportunities and educational webinars that are beneficial to both Latinos/Hispanics and all members of SWE.
  • Join/Support the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE): this U.S. based national organization prioritizes and recognizes the immense talent and diversity within the Hispanic/Latinx community and advocates for more Hispanic/Latinx engineers.
  • Fellowships/Scholarships: If you are able, promote and support Fellowships and Scholarships at your colleges/universities and in your communities that are targeted towards underrepresented minorities within STEM.
  • Participate in and promote programs and outreach initiatives that encourage young women and racial minority groups into STEM education and careers.
  • Volunteer as a mentor for students and early career engineers from underrepresented minority groups. Becoming mentors and sponsors for these individuals is one of the best ways to support their future success.

Educational Media

These resources allow you to learn and understand parts of Hispanic/Latinx culture on your own time and in a way that can also be entertaining. Check out some of these documentaries, podcasts, books, and films!




  • Undocumented by Dan-el Padilla Peralta
  • Finding Latinx by Paola Ramos
  • The Book of Emma Reyes by Emma Reyes
  • Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir by Jean Guerrero
  • American Poison: How Racial Hostility Destroyed Our Promise by Eduardo Porter
  • The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
  • Love War Stories by Ivelisse Rodríguez
  • My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education by Jennine Capó Crucet
  • Harvest of Empire: The History of Latinos in America by Juan Gonzalez
  • The African American and Latinx History of America by Paul Ortiz
  • The Borderlands of Education: Latinas in Engineering by Michelle Madsen Camacho and Susan M. Lord
  • Salsa, Soul, and Spirit: Leadership for a Multicultural Age by Juana Bordas
  • An Asset-Based Approach to Advancing Latina Students in STEM: Increasing Resilience, Participation, and Success by Elsa M. Gonzalez, Frank Fernandez, and Miranda Wilson (coming Nov. 2020)
  • Black, Brown, and Bruised: How Radicalized STEM Education Stifles Innovation by Ebony O. McGee
  • La Vida Robot by Joshua Davis


  • Cesar Chavez (2014)
  • Selena (1997)
  • Frida (2002)
  • Before Night Falls (2000)
  • McFarland, USA (2015)
  • John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons (2018)
  • Spare Parts (2015)

Check out these options, share them with your friends, and recommend others to help spread awareness of the Hispanic/Latinx experience. Learning about cultures other than your own is an ongoing and lifelong skill necessary to become an empathetic leader. We hope you enjoyed celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with us and that you will continue to engage and learn with us! Until we meet again, ¡adiós y cuídate!

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