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The Advance Learning Center Year in Review

You worked hard to go above and beyond in learning this year and we want to celebrate it!
The Advance Learning Center Year in Review - learning

Check out our year end wrap-up video of SWE’s Advance Learning Center to see the SWE community’s top learning picks of 2022. After checking out the video, find new ways to continue learning by browsing the top live events and on-demand presentations below!

Top 5 Live Web Events

  1. Leaping From Impostor Syndrome to More Self-Efficacy 
  2. Gender Inclusivity & Allyship 
  3. Getting the Job Done Sin Quemarte (Without Burnout)
  4. Leading Exceptional Hybrid Teams 
  5. Creating Psychologically Safe Organizations 

Top 5 On-Demand Presentations 

  1. Confidence and Influence in a Challenge: How to Pivot and Turn Adversity into Opportunity
  2. Project Management Skills for Project Managers
  3. Developing the Mindset for Inclusive Leadership
  4. Role Models Matter 101 – Who Are Role Models and Why Do They Matter
  5. SWE Youth Protection: Code of Conduct & Standards for Interacting with Youth

We are excited to feature WE22’s Inspirational Insights speaker Heather Whelpley and her new talk, “Managing Burnout for Busy People” in our first live event of 2023. This event will dive into the real steps to recover from burnout so you can truly thrive in your work, life, and leadership. What will YOU learn in the new year? Enjoy a live web event or replay any existing presentations at your convenience. The majority of our 150+ courses are free for all SWE members upon login, and a great way to enhance your professional development.


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