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SWE-Turazo Partnership Statement: Elevating Return-to-Work Programs for Women in Engineering

Learn how the Society of Women Engineers and Turazo are teaming up to help women return to the workforce.
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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Turazo are excited to team up on the STEM Reentry Task Force, a groundbreaking path to serve women returning to work. SWE will leverage Turazo’s matching AI technology and one-to-one conversational networking platform. It will connect women with exceptionally well-matched employees at companies they would love to work with. There’s nothing in the talent acquisition space like it. 

“Return-to-work programs are crucial in fostering a progressive environment for employers, as they help reintegrate professionals back into the workforce after career breaks, such as child or elder care responsibilities,” said Jennifer Scott, Executive Vice President of SWE.

Women returning to the workforce face daunting but surmountable challenges. Each is at a different level of readiness, requiring different forms of preparation. That’s where this initiative shines.

Some returning professional women need help learning about current opportunities or exploring new job titles. Others might need interview practice and help in preparing polished answers to key questions they should expect, and some are ready to dive into the job market. Confidence boosting is welcomed at every stage. 

Women returning to work are matched with employee advisors of their choice from outstanding companies. These advisors, from Turazo’s talent acquisition networks such as Dell Technologies, are eager to give back and provide women with skills and answers they wished they’d had earlier in their careers. 

“Return-to-work programs provide companies a strategic opportunity to add driven, experienced teammates ready to contribute at a high level on day one,” Pete Cipollone, Co-Founder and CEO of Turazo says.

The goals of this partnership are twofold: to create a much better hiring experience for SWE members returning to the engineering and technology workforce and to connect these SWE members with great-fit positions with amazing employers.

Connecting SWE members who are re-entering the workforce with people who’ve been there and done that is powerful. It’s all about meeting the right person at the right time for the right conversation.

You can find more information about the STEM Reentry Task Force program on the Task Force website.

About Turazo

Turazo is an AI-powered product connecting the people your organization cares about most with the right conversation with the right person, when it matters most. From professional mentorship to recruiting, the world’s most innovative organizations like the Society of Women Engineers, Dell Technologies, Fluke Electronics, HLTH, and Xerox trust Turazo to deliver real results through transformative career conversations. Learn more at


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