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Everything You Need to Know to Have an Amazing IIBI Experience!

Invent It. Build It. is finally here! Get prepared for the event this Saturday, October 28th by reviewing the information below.
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We are so excited to welcome you to Invent It. Build It. this Saturday, Oct. 28 in Los Angeles! Review the information below on the venue, check-in, and safety.

Registration and Check-In

Individual online and onsite registration will be open until we sell out. Space is limited, so make sure to tell your friends and family to get tickets now before they’re gone!

Onsite registration is open Saturday, Oct. 28: 8:30 – 10:00 a.m PT.

When you arrive, please use the West Lobby Entrance and follow signs to the registration desk to receive your badge and wristband.


You must have a badge in order to enter IIBI. All badges will be labeled for the Level 1: STEM Exploring, Level 2: STEM Engaged, or Parent/STEM Advocate Program in order for attendees to participate in the program activities beginning at 9:00 a.m. PT.


During the event, students and adults will have programming in separate rooms and be reunified at the end of the event. To aid in smooth reunification during dismissal, all IIBI attendees will be required to wear wristbands, one for youth and one for the adult chaperone with duplicate numbering.

Adults who bring individual children or small groups can take their child(ren) and exit through security when instructed by event staff. Adults will show their matching numbered wristbands to security at time of exit from the building. 

Large groups: During event dismissal, groups where guardians/adults brought large groups of kids will be called one by one to the main stage; children of the group can come en-mass to the front. When the group is ready, their leaders will get green cards to show security upon exit from the building. 

As a reminder, to ensure the safety of all minors attending IIBI, attendees under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who remains on the premises for the duration of the event. Please plan accordingly. SWE encourages parents and guardians to participate in the Parent & STEM Advocate program track or wait in the Parent/Guardian Lounge while onsite.

T-Shirts and Breakfast

After registration, proceed to the Concourse Foyer to receive your IIBI t-shirt and boxed breakfast. ATTENDEES ARE REQUIRED TO PUT ON THEIR ASSIGNED T-SHIRT BEFORE ENTERING THE EVENT.

Level 1 Program (Ages 10-13): Green T-Shirt
Level 2 Program (Ages 14-18): Pink T-Shirt
Parent/STEM Advocate Program: Light Blue T-Shirt


By Car

The Los Angeles Convention Center parking information is available at

By Public Transportation

The Los Angeles Convention Center public transit information is available at

By Bus

Bus pick-up and drop-off will be outside the Los Angeles Convention Center West Lobby Entrance, 1201 Figueroa Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90015. An IIBI staff member in a yellow/green safety vest will meet you at the bus and escort you inside.

Any buses not reserved through SWE are NOT allowed to idle. Please drop off attendees at 1201 Figueroa Dr. 

Assistance & Accommodations On Site

  • The Crowd Management & Safety Team will be wearing yellow/green safety vests.
  • Staff will be wearing pink vests.
  • Volunteers will be wearing purple t-shirts. 
  • The LACC is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and we are prepared to accommodate all visitors.
  • A prayer room will be provided for attendees, located in Concourse 150 A
  • A lactation room will be provided for attendees, located in Concourse 150 B
  • If a parent is looking for a child or in case of emergency, please contact:
    • Darcy Andersen (onsite in a pink safety vest) at +1.773.495.3362

Questions? Contact SWE at

Photography and Video

Participants agree that IIBI official photographers and videographers will take general photography and/or video during the event. Your image may be used for marketing purposes for print, electronic and other media, including the website.

Sharing #IIBI on Social

Use the hashtag #IIBI and tag @SWENext so we can share your posts! Need help getting your post started? Check out our social media toolkit and downloadable graphics for ideas. 

Thank You, IIBI Partners

Graphic showing sponsors and sponsors of SWE's Invent It Build It event 2023

Health & Safety: Plan Ahead & Expect Delays Entering the Convention Center

SWE will ban firearms or weapons of any kind from entering the Los Angeles Convention Center for the duration of the event.

During this time, all doors to the Center will be locked and entry will only be permitted through designated entrances. There will be four entrances for the WE23 Annual Conference. These four entrances will have metal detectors that attendees/exhibitors/groups must enter through.

The four main entrances will be South Lobby, Figueroa Drive shuttle drop off, Kentia parking lot entrance to South Building and West Lobby. Invent It. Build It. Attendees are asked to please use only the West Lobby Entrance. Attendees will be able to exit the building from various places, however, to re-enter the building attendees/exhibitors/groups must go back through the metal detectors at the four main entrances. When going through the metal detectors laptops must be removed and passed along to security personnel before proceeding through the metal detectors.

All those entering the Los Angeles Convention Center will be subject to metal detectors and bag checks. SWE reserves the right to refuse entry to those who do not cooperate with these safety protocols. As SWE has done in the past, a mix of armed and non-armed security professionals will help monitor doors and checkpoints.

Visit the WE23 website for more information on the conference rules and regulations.


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