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Global Affiliate Spotlight: SWE Singapore

Get to know the goals, accomplishments, and tight-knit community of SWE’s Singapore affiliate.
Jenny Tan, Pei Fern NG, and Sierin Lim of the SWE Singapore affiliate

Pictured: SWE Leaders Jenny Tan, Pei Fern Ng, and Sierin Lim

Affiliate Name

SWE Singapore



We Decided to Launch an Affiliate Because…

We believe it is important to advocate for women engineers in Singapore by providing a national platform to connect. The common interest from corporations and institutions of higher learning reaffirms our commitment to launch SWE Singapore (SWE@SG).

Does Your Affiliate Have Any Signature Activities, Outreach, or Engagement That You Have Started or Are Planning?

Our flagship programs are designed to highlight innovation and provide access to and progress in career development for working professionals — all while connecting them with future engineers. The flagship programs include:

  • Professional Development Series
    • We invite distinguished and diverse speakers to share their professional experiences with the audience.
  • SWE Internship Day
    • We bring corporate members and female students together to network and address any queries about STEM careers and the industry.
    • We provide opportunities to our corporate partners to share opportunities that are available in their companies.
  • SWE Company Tours
    • We encourage corporate partners to open their doors to host female undergraduates.
    • The goal is to attract more students to STEM careers by sharing real-life accomplishments during the tour.
    • We have received positive feedback from our industry partners and students. Both groups appreciate having a platform that opened up a communication channel.
  • International Women in Engineering Day (INWED)
    • We celebrate SWE Singapore’s birthday alongside our celebration of women in engineering.
    • The running theme since the SWE@SG launch has been “Innovation for All, Access for All and Progress for All.” Innovation because all speakers highlight the latest and greatest technological advancements, especially those from Singapore. Corporate and University Affiliates share their efforts in providing access for all their employees and students. Female leaders from the community share best practices to propel professional progression within the industry.

What Are Your Goals for the Affiliate for the Next Year?

We will continue to reach out to more corporations in Singapore to broaden industry sector coverage. We will also strengthen the connection between the national affiliate and the university affiliates and extend our reach to K-12 groups. We believe that reaching out to young girls will influence their decision to pursue STEM. This is a new initiative that the team is passionately working on.

How Are You Hoping This Affiliate Will Make an Impact on Your Community?

We hope SWE Singapore becomes the go-to resource in our community to encourage and celebrate women in engineering.

What Is One of Your Favorite Memories With the SWE Community?

Our favorite memory was the formation of SWE Singapore that led to its launch in 2021. We started with a handful of brilliant and talented ladies who barely knew each other but were united in their passions to start a community. We rallied our colleagues and leaders in the engineering fields from corporations and universities.

The result was the launch of SWE Singapore during INWED amidst the climax of COVID-19. Despite all the challenges, we pulled it off! The event became a cherished moment for many, and it illustrates the Singapore “can-do” attitude!

Favorite Quote to Inspire…

Focus on “why not me” instead of “why me.”

Is There Something Coming Up This Year You Are Looking Forward To?

We look forward to rolling out our outreach to more corporate and school communities. The renewed energies from committee members will ensure the sustainability of our efforts. There is no stopping us when like-minded ladies come together!

What Best Practice or Advice Would You Like to Share With Other Affiliates?

Don’t overthink things. Get started, lift up your skirts, and tie up your hair — even for the smallest ideas. Your impact goes beyond your imagination.

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