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Congratulations to the FY20 Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 Winners

Congratulations to SWE Humboldt State University and SWE Michigan Technological University, winners of the FY20 Wow! Innovation Challenge #2!
Congratulations To stevens Institute Of Technology, The winner of The 2018 Wow! Innovation challenge #4

The FY20 Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 recognizes the innovative outreach techniques being used by SWE sections, MALs, and global affiliates in the form of a $1,000 outreach stipend for first place and $500 for second place. The first and second place winners from our second challenge, below, are SWE Humboldt State University and SWE Michigan Technological University.

SWE Humboldt State University: First Place Winners 

Congratulations To The Fy20 Wow! Innovation Challenge #2 Winners

Our main goal as the Humboldt State SWE section focuses on STEM outreach to k-8 students in our community. Every year in the fall, we host an Engineering Day event open to the public where we provide numerous fun and informative STEM activities for young kids. Similarly every year in the spring we host a Girl Scouts Day event where we have around 48 girl scouts from the community engage in fun STEM activities such as escape rooms and water filtration activities. The goal of these two events is to encourage diversity and teach the importance of STEM to make girls feel empowered and comfortable to pursue a career in STEM. The sole engineering major at Humboldt State is Environmental Resources Engineering so we incorporate aspects from what we learn in our courses as well as aspects from other engineering majors to teach k-8 students the many fascinating engineering career paths. The men and women in the Humboldt State SWE section are dedicated to improving and diversifying the community through communication with our SWE professional section, hosting outreach events, and actively creating a safe and welcoming community for all.

SWE Michigan Technological University: Second Place Winners 

First place fy20 wow! innovation challenge winners

The Society of Women Engineers at Michigan Technological University is involved on campus and in our community. We love getting younger kids, especially girls, excited about STEM. We host an annual Girl Scout event where troops come and do activities for each age group. This year we partnered with the Electrical Engineering department to teach the girls about circuits and create hands-on activities. Throughout the year our members also mentored a group of girls in the SWENext program at a local middle school, and we are very excited that the 6th-grade team made it to the National Competition. We also volunteered at an after school program where kids learned about science with hands-on projects outside of their everyday curriculum. SWE at Michigan Tech is always looking for opportunities to grow and make new connections, both as an organization on campus and as a member of the community.

First place fy20 wow! innovation challenge winners

Once again, congratulations to SWE Humboldt State University and SWE Michigan Technological University! We hope this award will help further your outreach efforts!

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