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Podcast: The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact on Gender Inequality in Engineering

Swe Stories – Tales From The Archives Podcast: The Trouble With Celebrating Firsts

Episode 90: Rachel Korn on the Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact on Gender Inequality in Engineering

Dr. Rachel Korn
Dr. Rachel Korn

In this SWE Diverse podcast episode, SWE’s senior manager of research, Roberta Rincon, speaks with Dr. Rachel Korn, Director of Research on Organization Bias at the Center for WorkLife Law. Rachel is a Social Psychologist with a background in quantitative research methods and survey design. Her research at the Center has primarily focused on studying the correlates and consequences of gender, racial, and class bias in the workplace.

Roberta and Rachel discuss several biases and their impacts on gender inequality: the Prove-It-Again bias, the Tightrope bias, the Maternal Wall bias, and the Tug-of-War bias. Furthermore, they delve into how gender bias may be drastically impacted by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

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