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Podcast: WE20 Mega Session-Style Matters with Anne Collier

Swe Stories – Tales From The Archives Podcast: The Trouble With Celebrating Firsts

EP 102: WE20 Mega Session- Style Matters with Anne Collier


In this SWE Diverse episode, Heather Doty, SWE FY21 President, speaks with one of our WE20 Mega Session speakers, Anne Collier, CEO of Arudia. Together they discuss Anne’s goals as CEO and leadership coach and provide a teaser of Anne’s WE20 Mega Session, “Style Matters: How Cognitive Diversity Affects Your Work.” If you haven’t made plans to attend WE20, register today at to listen to Anne and other inspiring speakers from the comfort of your home!

Anne CollierAnne Collier

Anne Collier is the CEO of Arudia. Arudia is a firm dedicated to improving culture, collaboration, and communication. Anne is an expert leadership coach steadfast in her commitment to excellence and her clients’ goals. She coaches and delivers programming designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations amplify accomplishments, improve financial stability, and achieve greater self-actualization; they perform well because they are confident, deliberate, and resilient. Anne is started her professional career as a tax lawyer for the IRS, Office of Chief Counsel, and then Legislative Affairs. She then when into private practice. After, eleven years practicing law, she started her own executive coaching practice, which evolved into designing and delivering whole-scale training initiatives, leadership and team development, and strategic planning facilitations.  Anne brings a lawyer’s critical thinking and analytical skills to her programming

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