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Motorola Solutions and SWE: Why We Keep Coming Back

Motorola Solutions and SWE: Why We Keep Coming Back -


At Motorola Solutions, we are proud to create and connect people with industry leading technology that is there in the moments that matter most. To be able to do that, we must work with a pool of brilliant minds that are prepared  to take on the challenges that come with innovation in mission critical technology. Committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion is how we ensure that Motorola Solutions cultivates  a working environment where every engineer has a seat at the table and can bring their full selves to work. This is why we are proud to be a part of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and personally engage with the members of SWE at the Annual Conference. It is our pleasure to speak directly with those who represent the present and the future of engineering.

Motorola Solutions and SWE: Why We Keep Coming Back -

Why Motorola Solutions Loves SWE

As a company, we want to be a part of the empowerment of women everywhere, but particularly  in spaces where they may be underrepresented. For over three decades we have maintained a Women’s Business Council which has grown to include various chapters and focuses, one of which is the Society of Women Engineers. For a decade now, SWE has enhanced  our company and along with attending the annual conference provides opportunities to witness the relevant and rich content that is constantly evolving.

Outreach events are another aspect of our relationship with SWE that Motorola Solutions finds pivotal  to our efforts of closing the representation gap for women in science, technology, engineering and math. We collaborate with local SWE collegiate sections to promote the outreach and education of young women and girls in STEM. From elementary, high school, and up to the university level, SWE is there to nurture bright female minds with an interest in engineering. SWE also enables Motorola Solutions to connect with a wider range of talented interns and recent graduates. Partaking in these volunteer outreach events and career fairs fosters leadership skills and opportunity in the young women and girls that they serve as well as in our volunteers.

Why MSI SWE Engages Colleagues Around the World

Brilliance of the mind knows no borders. At Motorola Solutions we believe that every woman engineer at our company deserves the opportunity to partake in SWE. Since 2016, we have ensured that our Employer Sponsored Memberships (ESM) are offered globally. Thus, a large portion of our ESM’s are used outside of the United States. We have done this by increasing awareness through the business councils at Motorola Solutions, especially while planning our attendance at the SWE Annual Conference. 

Motorola Solutions employees have been going to the conference for many years with participation  rising with each year. Since 2018, the number of nominations for talented women in engineering and technology to attend the annual conference has increased by nine fold. This was largely due to the role of MSI Executive Leadership like Sharon Hong, who is the Vice President of Global Service Offers and Safety Reimagined, as the MSI SWE Executive Sponsor whose support has played a vital role in communicating  the significance  of SWE in the lives of women engineers at Motorola Solutions. We are enthusiastic for the opportunity to bring indeed more women in engineering to our internship program and as full time members of our team. 


  • Kirti Maheshwari

    Kirti Maheshwari is a senior manager of information technology at Motorola Solutions Incorporated (MSI) where she has worked for over 20 years. She is the global lead for MSI’s SWE partnership and is known for her passion and commitment to the growth of women in engineering and award winning volunteer efforts. Kirti is proud of her technology and communication engineering experience from both India and the United States as well as her amazing daughter who is a student at Cornell University studying civil engineering.