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Best of SWE Professional Member Online Learning: Late Career & Post-Career

SWE members have free or discounted access to all content on the new and improved SWE Advance Online Learning Center. We've reviewed the content and curated some of the best webinars and tracks for Late-Career SWE Professionals. Once logged in, there is one-click registration to access and enjoy the content.
Best of SWE Professional Member Online Learning: Early Career -

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Listening to Each Other: Effective Communication Across Generations << – Click Here 

This session will share some of the communication frustrations between the five generations currently in the workforce (including the compelling Generation Z, just arrived!) and provide attendees with concrete strategies to build a better sense of community in their organizations.

Global Collaboration: Working on and Leading Remote Teams  << – Click Here

Global and dispersed teams come with unique challenges, yet they also offer broad functional expertise and the benefits of vast, international diversity. How can you distinguish your performance as a member or leader of these teams? In this session, you’ll learn behavioral Do’s and Don’ts that can either foster or corrode a culture of collaboration and trust – and strategies to help you reduce “social distance.” You’ll learn to set the example by structuring meetings inclusively and steering your team’s collective focus toward objectives. 

A Daily Reset: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction  << – Click Here

This session offers simple tools that will help engineers manage daily stress, providing those in attendance with the ability to re-energize and re-center themselves with a daily reset break. You’ll be coached to identify actions, emotions and behaviors that are not serving your interests, and will be given instruction on how to eliminate that “baggage” to be able to move forward. Learn about the science behind the use of breathing exercises, and how proper breathing can free the logical and creative nerve centers to work together effectively, and both relaxing and energizing the body.

Strategic Leadership 202: Making Conflict Productive   << – Click Here

Most people hate conflict, especially in the workplace. Typically, people respond to conflict in one of two ways. They either avoid it (often called “flight”) or battle it out (often called “fight”). But, there is a third option – to engage in healthy debate. Making conflict productive is not about getting rid of conflict.  Conflict is inevitable. For example, one person on a team may be given the task of keeping costs down while another has the task of making sure products meet all regulations and safety requirements.  It would not be unusual for these two people to be in conflict. Although these two people may experience the conflict as personal, some of the conflict is built into their roles.  The goal is to have a reasonable discussion on the sources of the conflict and to figure out together, what can be done to resolve the conflict, or at least lessen the tension. This webinar is not about making conflict go away. It is about how to manage it in a productive way.

Strategic Leadership 301: Producing Results from Strategy  << – Click Here

We know that strategy is the force that drives successful organizations and careers. However, recent research has found that even the best strategies can be hamstrung by an organization’s inability to execute. Executives tasked with leading with strategy must became adept at navigating the processes, mindsets, and structures that can become barriers to delivering results. In this interactive session, leaders will be given tips and tools to help them turn a strategic vision into the action.



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