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Resolution for this Women’s Day!

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Dear ladies, as Paulo Coelho wrote in ‘The Alchemist’, “and, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

It is the want, extraordinarily strong willingness, and determination of all the women like Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and many more, that today the day has come, when every organization, every institute globally has made the initiative of ‘Women Empowerment’ as their topmost priority. This initiative has become an integral part of their culture and core values to the extent that it has become cliché to talk about it. The whole universe is conspiring to help us achieve our dream of being equal and empowered!

But now the question is, are we ready? Are we willing? Are we responsible enough to take this power and do justice to it in a way that any other leader would do, irrespective of their gender?

This women’s day, let us resolve to break the glass ceiling; not because you are a woman, but because you have what it takes to break it. Let us not expect any concessions or favors because we are women; instead, prepare yourself to be tested in a way that any other man would be. If required we must walk that extra mile, we must put that extra effort, so that the whole world knows we got it because we deserve it. It is the only way for us to get there because we do not want to give any chance for anyone to say that “she could get there because of the D&I initiative”.

Let us resolve, to get over the ‘tug of war’ of bias and support fellow women to grow and shine, and have as much representation as possible because the younger generation is looking up to us.

Every organization has come up with best-in-class programs to support D&I initiatives, but these initiatives are only successful when we participate actively. It is our responsibility to make these initiatives successful. Let us resolve to stretch ourselves to be part of these initiatives. Let us grab this opportunity and support ourselves and our organizations to be successful!

Happy Women’s Day 2022!!


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  • Aishwarya Dubey

    Aishwarya Dubey is an IIM Indore Alumni, SWE FY22 Global Ambassador and Manager for Modernization Proposals group at Emerson Export Engineering Center in Pune, India.

  • Very well written !

    …”Let us not expect any concessions or favors because we are women; instead, prepare yourself to be tested in a way that any other man would be”…
    Its encouraging
    Happy womens day !

  • Well stated.

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