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SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group

SWE Affinity Groups (AGs) are member-led communities that share similar interests and backgrounds that support the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic goals of SWE.
SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group -

SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group (GWE AG) takes pride in fostering an inclusive environment where people discuss experiences in their engineering career, online and offline. This benefits not only through development of a sense of community but also provides rich opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and networking. GWE AG further empowers its members through highlighting accomplishments and supporting diversity in the SWE Leadership pipeline, Awards, and Scholarships.

This group started in 2016 and encompassed three core members. Today we have grown 13+ core members. The vision of GWE – AG taps onto one of the core values of the SWE community in “desiring to build a community amongst international SWE members”. Currently, the SWE international members community includes SWE Global Ambassadors, SWE global affiliates members, expats, and Friends of SWE.


GWE AG goals are centered around the three pillars highlighted below:

  • Develop a sense of community in the Affinity Groups fostering an inclusive environment where people discuss experiences in their engineering career, online and offline.
  • Strengthening the global community through new social channels through posts, likes and comments.
  • Provide professional development opportunities enabling and sponsoring leadership experiences, networking, and mentorship.
  • Empower members through highlighting accomplishments and supporting diversity in the SWE Leadership pipeline, Awards, Scholarships and Outreach activities.
  • Fostering inclusion by celebrating global heritage in local languages. Monitoring social media to reflect ethical behavior and honesty.

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Recent Highlights:

We are excited to have been a part of below events in this year:

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Why should I join?

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How can I join?

Auto Draft -Connect with us here to join our mailing list and learn about upcoming events and activities! You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram as well. We welcome volunteers! Email us on Learn more about SWE Affinity groups here.

Meet our team:

Auto Draft -Name: Rishika Shekhawat

Engineering Branch: Mechanical Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Team Lead and SWE Awards & Recognition Committee Member

SWE member since: 2019

About: Rishika is a Lead Design Engineer at John Deere Technology Center, India. She has completed her B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, M. Tech in Design Engineering and is a certified Hydraulics Specialist of the International Fluid Power Society. Rishika joined and participated in SWE activities for the first time as an employee at John Deere. Inspired by SWE’s vision and mission, she has successfully participated with increasing responsibilities in various SWE events at JDTCI, Pune and then JDCP, Augusta. She is serving now as the GWE-AG Lead and a member of the SWE Awards & Recognition Committee.


Auto Draft -Name: Archana Suryawanshi

Engineering Branch: Electronics and telecommunication

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Team Co-Lead

SWE member since: 2016

About: Archana received post-graduation degree in Embedded Systems from BITS Pillani institute. She holds 14 years of experience in the automotive domain. She is currently working in John Deere as Supervisor in Embedded software test and quality domain. Prior to John Deere she worked at Behr Hella Thermo Control and Thuse Electronics as a software tester in the automotive domain. Archana is Co-Chair of the SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group. She is also active members in John Deere SWE Speaker committee and development committee. Archana is passionate about networking with women from different technology which encourages her to lead building community goals for AG and mentor new talent through SWE mentor network.


Auto Draft -Name: Kanika Singh

Engineering Branch: : Electrical Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Building Community Lead

SWE member since: 2018

About: Kanika was born and brought up in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Graduated as Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Uttar Pradesh Technical University in 2011.She has been working in the field of electrical design and development for a decade now. She believes in continuous tuning and upgrading her skills to pace with the dynamic technological upgrade happening. Currently she is pursuing her post-graduation in Data Science. She is of the opinion of Following as well as Leading great things around her. She loves choreography when she finds time and inclination to it.


Auto Draft -Name: Rajwant Kaur

Engineering Branch: : Agricultural Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Facebook Content Lead and SWE FY22 Global Ambassador

SWE member since: 2013

About: Rajwant is serving as a Market Research Specialist at John Deere, with 11 years of work experience in diverse roles of Sales Analysis, Channel Development, Product Support. Rajwant is known for her bold career moves and is recognized for having exceptional teaming and strong communication. Rajwant personally relates to the values of SWE and is committed to STEM activities and community. She continues to bring new initiatives through her formal roles at SWE and is a poster woman engineer who has developed herself through SWE and now is developing future talent.


Auto Draft -Name: Adeola Adesoba

Engineering Branch: Information Science – Data Scientist

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG LinkedIn Content Lead

SWE member since: 2020

About: Adeola is currently a Data Scientist at NVIDIA and has graduated with a MS in Information Science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in December 2021, where she also served as the Vice president for SWE-UALR chapter. She enjoys volunteering and is currently serving as Executive Chair of the Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace (CYSDP) network and as FY22 GWE AG team member. She loves playing Soccer, badminton, travelling and bingeing on movies.


Auto Draft -Name: Jisha Bhattacharjee

Engineering Branch: Chemical Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Professional Development Lead

SWE member since: 2019

About: Jisha is currently a Development Planner in ExxonMobil. She started off as a Flow Assurance engineer and was also a Business analyst in the company. She is also the SWE India Lead for ExxonMobil. As a Global Ambassador she has led “Supporting Global Affiliates” WG and now leads “Content Development” WG. As professional development lead for the AG she has organized and hosted multiple sessions pertaining to growth, inclusion and specialized areas such as energy. Her interests lie in Indian classical arts and enjoys playing the ukulele in solitude.


Auto Draft -Name: Dr. Vidya Chamundeswari Narasimhan

Engineering Branch: Biomaterials Scientist

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Conference Coordinator Lead and Member of SWE Asian Connections AG

SWE member since: 2019

About: Giving back is a big part of her personal philosophy and the mission and vision of SWE resonates with that aspect well. Meet Vidya! She is optimistic about the future of food (meat consumption) being a slaughter free endeavor! Vidya graduated from SASTRA University, India with an integrated Masters’ degree majoring in Medical Nanotechnology and Bioengineering. She went on to pursue a Doctorate by Research from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and graduated with a Best Thesis Commendation Award. She has interned at reputed institutions such as MIT- Harvard (BAMM Labs), National Chemical Laboratory -India and spearheaded various academia-industrial collaborative projects during her Postdoctoral term in Singapore in 2019. She was the title winner of the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition, in Australia (2017), and a finalist at the Falling Walls Lab Competition, Singapore (2019). Vidya is passionate about promoting and participating in programs and communities that are invested in STEM education, women empowerment and mental wellbeing of women who travel to different countries in search of academic or career opportunities. She enjoys traveling, reading and Indian classical music. Her SWE affiliation further enables her to network with likeminded professionals and contribute towards the growth of the community!

SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group -Name: Monika Chauhan

Engineering Branch: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer

Position within AG and SWE: GWE AG Collegiate Engagement Lead

SWE Member since: 2021

About: Monika is from New Delhi, India and moved to US in 2009 for her graduate studies and has now moved to Seattle, USA and is working in Amazon Web Services as Hardware development Manager starting this year 2022. She started her career with Cummins in Columbus, Indiana, USA and worked there for almost 6 years as a Senior Design Engineer, Global Program Manager and Tech Project Leader in multiple automotive programs platforms. After Cummins, she worked in Virginia Tech and Rolls Royce as a research assistant before joining Amazon. She has her PhD in aerospace engineering from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies) and MS in mechanical engineering from University of Texas at Arlington. Outside work, she loves spending time with her family, mentoring graduate students and women in their career advancement through multiple platforms (Society of Women Engineers events, Collegiate Leader in Affinity Global Group of Women Engineers in SWE, Core team member of SWENext for middle- and high-class students), volunteering in her kid’s soccer games, traveling, and reading.


Auto Draft -Name: Dr. Ritu Kapur

Engineering Branch: Computer Science Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Empowerment Lead SWE member since: 2021

About: Ritu completed her Ph.D. from the IIT Ropar (2016-2020) and worked as a Postdoc at the University of Sannio Italy. She is currently part of the SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group as Empowerment Lead. She has been an Educational YouTuber for more than 4 years and has posted 250+ videos on various Engineering and Competitive exam topics. Her YouTube Channel has more than 12.3K subscribers and above 2 million views. Her research is published in top journals and conferences and has received awards from esteemed organizations. She has delivered expert talks at various international platforms addressing diverse audience.

SWE Global Women Engineers Affinity Group -Name: Amira Ramadan

Engineering Branch: Communication Engineer

Position within AG and SWE: GWE AG Society Awards Lead

SWE Member since: 2018

About: Amira is a Communications Engineer with 10+ years of work experience in IT and Cybersecurity Industry. She has played several roles during her career journey, from pre-sales Engineer to Account Management and Business development. She has great passion for entrepreneurship, starting things from scratch always gave her a great sense of accomplishments. She is also a Philanthropist and ICT4D activists, supporting climate and environment cause.


Auto Draft -Name: Mulikat A. L. Idris

Engineering Branch: Agricultural Engineer

Position within the AG and SWE: GWE AG Outreach Lead

SWE member since: 2020

About: Mulikat is an Agricultural Engineer with 12 years in Agricultural, Construction, manufacturing & production industry. She is currently the Quality Control & Assurance Engineer at her company. She loves being an engineer, working, hanging out with her family and friends, meeting new people, experiencing new culture (traveling). She loves outreach programs and mentoring upcoming engineers is her passion. Since joining the SWE Global Women Engineer AG, she has held lead various positions (History and Heritage lead in FY21 and Outreach Lead in FY22). These positions along with being an Ambassador for 3 years and being the SWE WEST Africa Lead FY22 for SWE Africa Taskforce, has exposed and given her the opportunity to learn more from different beautiful, smart, intelligent women whom she never thought she would be connected to or work with. She is proud of her progress so far is certainly proud of being a SWE member as well as a member of our AG. We have an amazing AG Team leads and members!


Author of this blog: Dr Vidya Chamundeswari Narasimha


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