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Global Affiliate Spotlight: SWE Wuxi in China

Get to know the first professional SWE Global Affiliate in China and their latest accomplishments.
Photo of eleven women engineers at a SWE Wuxi event


Wuxi, China

We’ve been an affiliate since…

April 2019

We decided to launch an affiliate because…. 

We wanted to introduce SWE to Chinese engineers and support women in various areas of STEM by providing the opportunity to build connections with other leaders in the community. The affiliate supports their professional development through various activities and encourages them to leverage their influence in related fields.

What kinds of activities does SWE Wuxi organize? 

SWE Wuxi hosts a variety of activities throughout the year. Examples include a learning club and an annual celebration on International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June 2023, which involves over 300 participants.

What is one thing that you are proud of that has taken place within the last year? 

We have two affiliate members, Zeng Hainan and Wang Yuhong, who were recently recognized as recipients of the 2022 WE Local Awards. This is an honor for our affiliate as it not only recognizes their achievements, but also how the SWE Wuxi Affiliate has contributed to SWE.

What is one of your favorite memories with the SWE community?

In July, we led the first in-person workshop with all of the SWE Global Ambassadors in China. We shared personal SWE experiences and conducted a leadership activity, shown in the above photo. This interactive experience allowed ambassadors to get to know each other, display teamwork, and discuss future plans for SWE in China.

Is there something coming up in the year ahead that you are looking forward to?

We will be launching a new feature on SWE’s WeChat account, which will introduce 30 excellent Chinese women engineers from 30 companies. So far, we have completed interviews with six engineers and are looking for more who will join us. The stories shared by these individuals will definitely provide Chinese readers with a deeper connection to SWE.

Where can people learn more? 

Scan the QR code to check out the SWE WeChat account, which not only highlights information on the SWE Wuxi Affiliate, but also shares valuable SWE content for all readers. Content includes industry articles, research from SWE, professional advice, and stories from Chinese engineers.

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