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March SWENexter Meet & Greet

This month we are highlighting two SWENexter's for our SWENexter Meet & Greet series. Learn about the journeys of Kayli and Lavanya and why they love STEM!
December Swenexter Meet & Greet

Meet Kayli, former SWENexter and current UCLA student

March Swenexter Meet & GreetKayli is the President of the Renewable Energy Association at her university, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Kayli is passionate about combating climate change. She works hard with her group to create technical projects, local initiatives, and educational outreach to help others make the world a cleaner place. Her work helps make her college campus a sustainable community.

Kayli is an undergraduate researcher, and her passion is sustainable fuels from discarded waste. If you’ve seen the movie “Back to the Future”, this might remind you of the time machine that runs off of garbage. It’s a bit more complicated than just picking up garbage and stuffing it in your car’s fuel tank. It’s still pretty cool, though!

Kayli’s research experience has taken her to different labs at Stanford University, Rutgers University, and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. Through her research, Kayli is inventing ways to convert carbon dioxide pollution into renewable fuel.

Nothing is slowing Kayli down! After graduating from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Kayli plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration. She aspires to become a technical director in the renewable energy industry. Throughout her career, Kayli has two big goals in mind: combat climate change and represent women in engineering.

Meet Lavanya, a SWENexter

March Swenexter Meet & GreetHi there! My name is Lavanya and I am a high school senior, a former SWENext Award winner, and SWENext club alumna.

I am the co-founder and executive director of AIHacks, which is Southern California’s first all-female high school hackathon. I plan to major in Computer Science at university.

I love STEM because it gives us an opportunity to understand the world around us and innovate upon existing principles of engineering.

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