SWE Announces 2012 Scholarship Recipients

SWE awarded 198 scholarships totaling approximately $577,000 to freshman, sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students for the 2012-2013 academic year. The names of all recipients are posted on the SWE website and will be published in the conference issue of SWE Magazine.

The recipients of SWE scholarships are a group of extremely accomplished and driven students who excel both inside and outside of the classroom. The SWE scholarship program will assist these young women in accomplishing their dream of being an engineer who contributes to society.

Scholarship Committee Thanks 2012 Judges

We received more than 3,200 applications this year, and are very grateful for the SWE members who generously volunteered their time to help judge and award the scholarships. For a list of this year’s judges, please click here.

The scholarship committee extends sincere thanks to the judges for their commitment and dedication to the SWE scholarship program.

Miranda Oaks, FY12 Scholarship Committee Chair
Christine Pitner, FY13 Scholarship Committee Chair