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NASA Engineer Regina Spellman Says Hello to SWENexters

Regina Spellman, who was a member of SWE while in college, is an engineer at NASA. She recorded a special hello to SWENexters from a NASA launchpad.

Published On: February 2017

Regina Spellman, who was a member of SWE while in college, is an engineer at NASA. She has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering​ from Purdue. Currently, she is the Senior Project Manager for the Mobile Launcher Element Integration Team in the Ground Systems Development and Operations Program. Specifically, she is the Senior Project Manager for retro-fitting of Launch Pad 39B for future NASA spaceflight. The launchpad will be used for the future Orion missions (which are the next big thing that NASA is making on its own). The video was taken on the pad itself, which very few people get to see firsthand!

About SWENext DesignLab

SWENext DesignLab is an experience created to encourage girls to choose a career in engineering. This one-day event will take place during the new 2017 WE Local conferences in Pittsburgh on February 18th and San Jose on February 25th.

During SWENext DesignLab, middle school students will work with local SWE members to complete hands-on engineering activities. While the girls are busy having fun and inventing new ideas, parents and educators will learn about engineering careers, scholarships, college admission and resources. Participants will also see how engineering can directly impact their community through presentations by award winning high school students.

We hope you can help us to spread the word!

Middle school student, parent, or educator
Register for SWENext DesignLab Pittsburgh or San Jose

High School Student
Apply for the SWENext DesignLab High School Community Award in Pittsburgh or San Jose

SWE member attending WE Local
Volunteer for SWENext DesignLab in Pittsburgh or San Jose

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About SWENext

SWENext is a way to become part of the Society of Women Engineers as a student through the age of 18. Become part of SWE and #BeThatEngineer! Joining is free.

Families and educators play a key role in the success of SWENexters. The SWENext program offers resources and information for adult advocates as well.

Who can be a SWENexter?

Any student 13 or older may join SWENext. For those younger than 13, a parent will need to be the primary contact.

Students please complete the application to join.

Adult advocates who would like to be on the SWENext mailing list: Please complete the mailing list form.

Who can support a SWENexter?

Families, educators, and SWE members

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