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Society of Women Engineers

Society of Women Engineers FY18 Leader Election Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the election for our FY18 Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Senate Leadership, Senators and Region Governors.

Published On: May 2017

We are pleased to announce the results of the election for our FY18 Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Senate Leadership, Senators and Region Governors. We would like to thank the Nominating Committee and Chair, Kelly Schable, as well as Teller Sandra Hyland, for their hard work and dedication in developing and submitting an outstanding slate of candidates and overseeing the election process.

Office Candidate
President-Elect Penny Wirsing
Secretary Alexis McKittrick
Director Dayna Johnson
Rachel D. Morford
Deputy Director of Regions Libby (Williams) Taylor
Trustee Marge Inden
Wendy Schauer Landwehr
Janis Mantini
Speaker of the Senate Kate Hull
Deputy Speaker of the Senate Natalie Vanderspiegel
Secretary of the Senate Olivia LeBlanc
Region A Governor Cassi Janakos
Region C Governor Sherry Williams
Region E Governor Amanda Weissman
Region G Governor Margaret Adriatico
Region I Governor Casey (Griswold) Waggy

The following individuals will continue in their leadership roles based on previous elections:

President Jonna Gerken
Treasurer Heather Doty
Directors Karen E. Roth
Michele O’Shaughnessy
Director of Regions Lisa Rimpf
Trustees Ester Barbuto
Diana Joch
Angela Nickels
Sandra Lee Postel
Mary Higgins Studlick
Region B Governor Kim O’Rourke
Region D Governor Andrea Clewley
Region F Governor Anne Roberts
Region H Governor Tricia Walker
Region J Governor Lisa Schmalhurst

SWE welcomes Ingrid Arambula as collegiate director serving on the FY18 board of directors. Ingrid was selected by the collegiate section presidents during the FY18 Collegiate Leadership Election.

Senators were also elected for each Region during this year’s election. For professional senators, the first person listed is serving the second year of a two-year term; the second person listed was just elected to serve a two-year term.

Professional Senators 
Region A Deborah Stromberg
Tasha Kamegai-Karadi
Region B Frances Stuart
Nadia Bess
Region C Kate Van Dellen
Hope Toole Schwalls
Region D Sandra Pettit
Wendy Cocke
Region E Gail Dyer
Alexis Wasserman
Region F Stephanie Yum
Cherie Cain
Region G Marilyn Reeder
Jamie Tylicki
Region H Jennifer (Jen) Brooks
Lynn Davenport
Region I Leslie Crissup
Pam Buzzetta
Region J Stephanie Chin
Tamaira Ross
International Members Anu Gilhotra 
Shivani Koul


Alternate Professional Senator 
International Members No Candidates

Collegiate Senators were selected during the collegiate elections in March. They also serve one-year terms.

Region Collegiate
Region A Shelby Freese
Region B Lucero Lopez
Region C Liberty Schmidt
Region D Grace Devine
Region E Dhanu Thiyagarajan
Region F Genevieve Kane
Region G Sarah Watzman
Region H Kelsey Harper
Region I Paige Bowling 
Region J Michelle “Mimi” Shang

The Tellers report serves as official documentation of the election results.

Please join us in wishing all of these SWE leaders much success in their new and continuing roles.

Jessica Rannow
FY17 President

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