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SWE UW-Madison Wins Wow! Innovation Challenge

SWE UW-Madison won the final FY17 Wow! Innovation Challenge for their effective approaches to expanding the impact of their K-12 STEM outreach events.

Published On: June 2017

SWE is excited to announce the winner of our final FY17 Wow! Innovation Challenge.

SWE UW-Madison won the final FY17 Wow! Innovation Challenge for their effective approaches to expanding the reach of their STEM outreach events, which enable their section to have an even greater impact on K-12 students and their adult influencers. View their winning video here.

This challenge focused on how SWE sections work to increase and enhance outreach efforts for K-12 students in STEM. Sections were encouraged to share new ideas and tips on planning the best outreach events.  One section/MAL/SWE affiliate is awarded a $500 Outreach stipend, featured on SWE social media, and right here on SWE’s All Together blog.

Outreach event “success” can mean a number of things — whether that’s the number of attendees, results from post-event surveys, trends from an event year-to-year, or any other piece of the event. What does your section look at to determine if an outreach event was successful? Are there ways you use that information to improve future events?

Congrats to FY17 Wow! Innovation Challenge #3 Winner

Drexel University won the third challenge for their creative approaches to assessing the success of an outreach event, and for explaining why we do outreach (which is critical to choosing the benchmarks of success). View their winning video here.

Questions about this challenge?  Check out the Wow! Innovation Challenge FAQs or contact Elia Zanella.

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