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Podcast: Global Leadership Award Recipient Liz Ruetsch

Penny Wirsing, FY18 SWE President-Elect, talks with Global Leadership Award recipient Liz Ruetsch of Keysight Technologies.

Published On: January 2018

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FY18 SWE President Jonna Gerken (L) and Liz Ruetsch, Recipient of the SWE Global Leadership Award at WE17 in Austin, TX.


Hi, I’m Penny Wirsing, FY18 President-Elect of the Society of Women Engineers, and this is SWE’s Diverse podcast series. Please remember to add this podcast to your iTunes and like or follow us on social media. Visit for more details.

Joining me now is a recipient of SWE’s Global Leadership Award: Liz Ruetsch. She is the Director of World Wide Sales, Services, and Support for Keysight Technologies’ EEsof EDA team.  She is based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Thanks for joining us Liz.

(Questions/Talking Points)

Liz, you have a bachelor’s degrees from Rutgers University, and an MBA from the Executive Program at Boston University.  Tell us about your educational background and career path.

Your father was a Chemist.  Is it essential for girls to have role models in engineering and the sciences?

Your career has taken you all over the world.  What have you learned during your time of managing employees globally?  And working with customers globally?

You had the opportunity to live and work in China for 2 years – why did you want to go to China?  And what did you learn during that experience?

What is your view of diversity in the workplace?  And how does this play out in your international experience?

You recently received a Global Leadership Award from SWE at our national convention in Austin, TX.  What were some of your key reflections on that experience?

What do you think is the key to your success as a leader?

What advice do you have for women engineers who want to become leaders?


 Liz, thank you so much for joining us.

Liz Ruetsch is the Director of World Wide Sales, Services, and Support for Keysight Technologies’ EEsof EDA team.

For SWE, I’m Jonna Gerken. Thanks for listening.

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