Caterpillar Engineers Inspire the Next Generation Guring WE Europe

Caterpillar was at the forefront of inspiring a new generation of young professional women at SWE's inaugural WE Europe Annual Conference in Amsterdam.

SWE Leadership Summit Update
WE Europe, Society of Women Engineers
Caterpillar inspires new generation of young professional women at the Society of Women Engineer’s inaugural WE Europe Annual Conference in Amsterdam during May.

Caterpillar was at the forefront of inspiring a new generation of young professional women at The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) inaugural WE Europe Annual Conference which took place in Amsterdam on 7th and 8th May, 2015.

As one of Caterpillar’s most senior female leaders in the UK and a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with 21 years of experience in the Diesel and Steam Turbine power industry, Jo Costura, Intellectual Property Transaction Manager was the presenter of choice at this key event.

Jo and her team leveraged this highly visible platform to raise awareness of Caterpillar’s efforts to attract a diverse and skilled workforce into manufacturing, highlight career opportunities at Caterpillar and the emphasis the Company places on developing our people’s skills. The platform served to inform and educate participants on the scale of our extensive operations in Europe.

The conference which was aimed at inspiring and empowering women towards professional success of their own attracted presenters from around the world. Costura spoke alongside other speakers on “The future workforce of 2025 and Robust Engineering” and used the platform to share knowledge on innovation, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Alongside the conference, Stacey Delvecchio, Additive Manufacturing Product Manager and former President of SWE gave an insightful presentation on Authentic Leadership, whilst Jeff Redmon, Global Engineering Talent Manager together with Antonia Lorenz WHEX design Engineer and BCP UK graduate trainees Bernadette Beecroft and Tanya Coupland ran a busy Caterpillar stand which showcased information on Caterpillar in Europe. The interactive 3D visualization technology on the stand and the popular competition the team ran proved highly effective in attracting visitors to the stand.

Caterpillar recognizes that highly skilled individuals are key to the future of manufacturing though a large skills gap still needs to be bridged in the UK. “Thriving businesses will depend on the ability to attract more engineers, both female and male into manufacturing and we are proud that Caterpillar UK’s successful apprentice program is delivering on attracting and developing a highly skilled future workforce”, said Mark Dorsett, Caterpillar UK Country Manager.

Caterpillar UK Government Affairs engages with key associations and the Government to support the development of policies that foster enterprise, the introduction of measures that enhance skills in the workforce, an increase in the take up of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) amongst young people and the creation of the right environment to continue to make the UK an attractive place for continued investment.

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