Watch Our Video about SWE-Sponsored FIRST Robotics Teams

Several FIRST Robotics Teams, sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), competed in the the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis.
FIRST Robotics Spotlight: Mecanum Knights

Several teams sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) competed in the the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis. Alex Duffy, SWE's Social Media Manager, caught up with the teams as they worked on their robots.

Out of 300 to apply, SWE sponsored 20 FIRST Robotics Competition teams this year. Teams may apply for a grant from SWE if the team makes a commitment to gender equity. The program is funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation. The gender ratio on these teams must be at least 50/50 girls to boys. They must have at least one girl in a technical role and complete SWE’s Outreach 4 Change online modules, which provide age-appropriate diversity and inclusion training.

SWE-sponsored Team 341 "Miss Daisy" from Wissahickon High School in Pennsylvania and their mentor Kirsten Jahn Richardson were the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship winners.

SWE-sponsored Team 4911 "CyberKnights" from King’s High School in Washington and their mentor Kayla King were the FIRST New England District Championship winners.

SWE-sponsored Team 179 "Children of the Swamp" from Suncoast Community High School in Florida and their mentor Lisa Smith were the 2016 Palmetto Regional Champions.

SWE-sponsored Team 5417 "Eagle/A-Team Robotics" took second place at the Dallas Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.

Team 4455 Burger Bots from Warrensburg High School in Missouri and mentor Brian Holmgren were SWE Program Development Grant winners.

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