Video: Thanks for 50,000 Likes on Facebook!

Thanks for 50,000 likes on our Facebook page. We're glad you are joining us on SWE's social media to discuss women in engineering and technology.
Video: Thanks for 50,000 Likes on Facebook!

Thanks for 50,000 likes on our Facebook page!

Alex Duffy, SWE Social Media Manager
Alex Duffy, SWE Social Media Manager

My name is Alex Duffy and I am the Society of Women Engineers’ Social Media Manager. I’ve been working social media with SWE for a year now – I am tasked with the careful monitoring, progression, filtering, contributing, measuring and guiding of our organization’s social presence. It’s my job to curate social content to match our Mission. I coordinate what you see, how you see it and when.

I work closely with my teammate and social media Graphic Design extraordinaire Laura Mortier, she’s the gal responsible for SWE-branded images you see on all of SWE’s social channels on a daily basis. I also work together with Angie Myers, SWE’s Manager of Digital Media, we coordinate the social content flow as it relates to SWE’s ever-evolving All Together Blog.

Now let’s get into the Society’s active social channels a little bit more …

Society of Women Engineers, FacebookFacebook
Facebook is Society of Women Engineers’ most popular platform. Among fans and membership alike, folks from near and far visit our organization’s Facebook Page to see our posts on a regular basis. Did you know? SWE’s Facebook posts reach all the way to India, Brazil and France. Our Facebook fans are 81% female and 19% male … good to see this feminine-weighted statistic, huh? 😉

On Facebook we’ve recently introduced video sharing. Now, you can watch videos right in your news feed from SWE HQ! This new feature is great for messages from SWE President and updates about our Association Management System (AMS).

Here at HQ, we use Facebook to tell our story. It’s an all-encompassing platform to draw attention to all aspects of our organization. Facebook is to share interactive photos, note yearly milestones, and heavily promote campaigns and company initiatives. Follow Society of Women Engineers – SWE on Facebook.

Society of Women Engineers, TwitterTwitter
Twitter! Aha, this platform is coming back on trend! Twitter was on a user-decline the last 12 months. Earlier this year, the company decided to let go of its top execs and hire new ones. And in less than four months, us social media managers can actually see the progress! The platform is back to introducing innovative ways to push out Twitter content and … it’s back on the creative wagon when it comes to its user interface.

Did you know? With 42%, our main Twitter audience works in the professional/technical field, our biggest region reached on Twitter is California, USA, and 80% of SWE’s Twitter audience enjoys technology news!

Society of Women Engineers uses Twitter for interaction, relationship building and development, to engage and create conversations, as we lightly draw attention to campaigns and company initiatives. Follow @SWEtalk on Twitter.

LinkedIn is Society of Women Engineers’ best kept social media secret! We have a front-facing LinkedIn Organization Page, that mimics, in content and communication, that of our Facebook Page. SWE also boasts six private LinkedIn Groups. These groups we utilize for both wide and niche communication. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Society of Women Engineers (SWE) – this group is 27K strong and our general communication group.
  2. SWE Graduate Community – this group is run by our Graduate Community leaders, and monitored by HQ.
  3. Academic Leadership for Women In Engineering – this group provides a forum for Academic Leadership for Women in Engineering attendees for support.
  4. Collegiate Leadership Institute (CLI) – this group is for the Collegiate Leadership Institute that is hosted at SWE's yearly conference.
  5. SWE’s Alcoa Coaching Program – Through the generosity of the Aloca Foundation, SWE is able to offer free, personalized sessions with leading career coaching professionals to accepted collegiate members from target schools.

SWE HQ uses LinkedIn in the most professional sense. We do use this platform to tell our story; but the difference is that we develop content and conversations as they specifically pertain to business. This platform doesn’t have as much ‘personality’ as Facebook.

Society of Women Engineers, InstagramInstagram
SWE HQ uses Instagram as the most creative social platform. We use it to drive concepts, campaigns and initiatives in the most visual way possible. This is a platform where SWE gets creative with how we filter images and display videos. Follow @SWEtalk on Instagram!

Society of Women Engineers, SnapchatSnapchat
Snapchat is SWE HQ’s newest social media channel. We installed the platform during Capitol Hill Day 2016. Now we use Snapchat for video storytelling. It’s quick communication between “friends” that’s more personal than any other social media. The ability to directly “snap” while also “sharing your snap story” gives this platform a dual-streaming ability that’s unlike any other social channel. You can follow SWE on Snapchat by scanning this Snapcode or add by username: SWEorg.

SWE HQ does also have a Pinterest account! We are currently working to build our audience and our content. So, the platform isn't quite robust like the others ... help us out by giving us a Follow.

Society of Women Engineers also uses our All Together Blog for social media. Within each blog post there are options to “share directly” onto your own personal social media channels. SWE HQ encourages you to do so every time you read an article or story that is important to you!

Questions or comments? Please feel free to drop me a line via email at Thanks for reading!