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WE Local - Registration open for 2017 WE Local ConferencesWE Local 2017 is well underway and there are several opportunities for members and potential members participate at the 2017 inaugural WE Local Conferences in Pittsburgh, PA, February 17-19, 2017 and San Jose, CA, February 24-26, 2017.


With over 150 shifts for WE Local Pittsburgh and WE Local San Jose, you have the opportunity to welcome and support attendees through a variety of tasks and positions throughout the two and a half day conference.

Volunteers who commit to a minimum of three hours will receive a 10% discount on a full registration. Learn more about shifts, times and commitments online at:

  • WE Local Pittsburgh
  • WE Local San Jose

The above links will also share how you can volunteer at WE Local’s outreach event dedicated to middle school students and their parents, Design Lab. Design Lab will take place from 2:00-5:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon at both conference sites.


As you may have heard, the 2017 WE Local conferences have a limited attendance that will range up to 500 attendees which includes businesses who are exhibitors and sponsors, keynote speakers, speakers, board members, Local Host Committee members, and attendees.

We have chosen to cap attendance as WE Local is committed to providing member’s and potential members a local experience. This local experience includes having the ability to engage and interact with members who work and/or live within the regions. By capping attendance, members and sponsors alike are able to get better acquainted to build strong(er) relationships with other members in the area.

Choose your conference site and register today!


Just as WE Local is committed to connecting our members with each other, we are also committed to helping sections and regions build small- and medium-size business relations within the local area. Sponsors and exhibitors who attend WE Local are exposed to SWE’s work and membership, but at a size and space that is quaint and manageable.

If you are interested in connecting WE Local with a potential supporter, please write an e-mail introducing the WE Local program to your contact and cc: Jennifer Scott (jennifer.scott@swe.org) and Sinead Gaffney (Sinead.gaffney@swe.org). From this introduction, Jennifer or Sinead will follow-up and cc: you, the connector.

Have questions? Check out the sponsor/exhibit question pages for WE Local Pittsburgh  and WE Local San Jose.

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