WE16 by the Numbers

The WE16 Virtual Conference is now available, and for a limited time, SWE is offering a sharply discounted price of only $20 to members who attended WE16. The coupon code "WE16Philly " must be entered when purchasing the Virtual Conference. The discount is only available until January 8, 2017. For non-WE16 attendees, the Virtual Conference can be purchased by members for $99.00 and $199.00 for non-members.

WE16 Virtual ConferenceThe WE16 Virtual Conference includes our Plenaries, Mega Sessions, Lightning Talks, and much more. Visit All Together to find WETV videos and stories about WE16. On our YouTube channel, you'll also find a recording of our State of Women in Engineering presentation.

Visit here for best practices on using the SWE Advance Learning Center.

WE16 provided invaluable ways to connect, discover career opportunities and pursue professional development. Year after year, it’s where women engineers find the constant support they need for life’s variables. It’s a global gathering women at all stages of their engineering careers. Collegiates find internships, that all-important first job, new friends, mentors and life-skills not earned in the lecture halls. Professionals rekindle old friendships and make new ones, find new ways to approach their current job or discover a whole-new path. All find their experience incredible.

For participating organizations, WE16 helps them find new talent, provide professional development to current employees and support women in engineering and technology. Their investment in these few days have a demonstrable short and long-term impact on organizational growth.