SWEet Wisdom: January 2017 Edition

In this month's edition of SWEet Wisdom, we have some tips for setting and sticking to new goals in the new year.

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SWEet Wisdom: January 2017 Edition

Tips for Setting and Sticking to New Goals in the New Year


Setting New Year’s goals is a great start to help setting a priority list for the upcoming year. The trick to New Year’s goals is to actually have a plan, and start that plan during holiday season. If one of your goals is to start going to the gym, pay for a membership for January before January even starts, set a realistic goal of going 3 times a week or whatever fits in your schedule. The goals need to be measurable and realistic to your lifestyle or they will never be accomplished. Set a
goal, make a plan, and provide yourself a reward if you achieve it (a new gadget, a trip, a spa day, whatever small rewards work for you). So stick to your goal this year, because if you have determination, it is amazing what you can accomplish.


wisdomHere are my New Year’s goals, and how I’m planning to attain them. I set my goals by looking at three aspects of my life and how I hope to improve them.

  • Academic: Be more present and create connections in my classes
    • This past semester has been hectic and I’ve found myself not being fully present in class and just studying the material most relevant to homework and exams. This can lead to more frustration and stress pre-exam time and makes me lose sight of the bigger picture of classes.
    • By decreasing some of my commitments and establishing a better sleep routine, I hope to be less exhausted and therefore able to get more out of my classes.
  • Personal: Put my health first
    • Another result of a busy college semester is that sleep, exercise, and healthy eating often go wayside. However, I know that all aspects of my life will improve if I put my health first, particularly since I recently had to start a gluten free lifestyle.
    • I will kick start my healthy habits using free syllabus week group fitness classes offered by my campus gyms and getting friends to work out with me. I also believe that my less busy schedule will allow for better eating and sleeping habits.
  • Career: Polish my interview skills
    • Knowing I will be looking for full time jobs this fall, my interview skills are something I want to hone. Now that I’ve had several internship interviews and gained a better idea of where I fall short, I have more specific things to work on.
    • Through utilizing my career resource center, practice case interviews, and peer/mentor feedback, I am confident I will polish my interview skills.


wisdomAs a college student, I find that I have a hard time managing my goals. My life is constantly changing, and I am always growing in ways that I do not anticipate. I have found that short term goals are not very useful to me in this stage of my life. Instead of trying to set monthly or yearly goals I write down all my craziest dreams and deepest desires and live every day working towards being able to live those dreams. Most of the things I aspire to become are impractical and sometimes outlandish but I know that my crazy childish dreams are rooted in what I am truly passionate about and that is why I value them so much.  For example, my dream career would to become an inventor. Now-a-days, “inventor” is hardly ever a job title posted on company websites. There are a lot of amazing qualities that inventors have to offer in the modern workplace though. Being creative, innovative, and driven are all things that are valued within engineering companies. I have searched out different opportunities at my university that will help me become a leader in innovation and creativity which make for marketable and modern skills that companies seek out. While I do not know if I will ever be able to have a career as an “inventor” I live my life with the mindset that one day I will be. While short term goals work for some people they are not for everyone. For all you ladies out there finishing up high school and entering college, do not be afraid to get in touch with your inner child and use it to fuel your actions and help you live an inspired life.

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