Video: Check Out WE Local San Jose

The first day of WE Local San Jose was packed with professional development sessions and networking at the Career Fair. Check out our latest video from WE Local San Jose featuring: Rose-Margaret Itua, Associate Professor, Ohlone College in Fremont, CA; Delaney Heileman, computer engineering student at the University of New Mexico; and Penny Wirsing, FY17 SWE Governance Task Force Lead.

Saturday at WE Local San Jose continues with great speakers.

Kathryn Cook
Kathryn Cook, Technical Program Manager, Connectivity Lab at Facebook

KATHRYN COOK, WE Local San Jose Lunch Keynote Speaker
Technical Program Manager, Connectivity Lab at Facebook

Kathryn Cook is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Facebook. She leads a team to design, manufacture, and flight test autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles within the Aquila program. Aquila is part of Facebook’s Connectivity Lab whose goal is to deliver internet to areas of the world which lack internet connectivity. Prior to joining Facebook, Kathryn worked at Boeing as a system engineer and project manager developing carbon fiber composite materials for commercial aerospace applications. She has a Bachelors and Masters in Materials Science Engineering from UC Berkeley with an engineering emphasis in ultra-high temperature ceramic bonding and a business emphasis in technology management.

Leveraging Your Strengths to Connect the World

Considering how far we have come with only a fraction of the population able to access online education and information valuable to improving everyday life, imagine the progress we will make when we add the thought and creativity of another four billion people. Join SWE member Kathryn Cook as she shares how she started as a materials science engineer and, by identifying her passions and leveraging her strengths, now manage an aerospace program in a social networking company. Kathryn and her team are developing Aquila – an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to deliver internet and improve the state of connectivity around the world. Learn about the power of diversity and how to leverage your strengths to make the biggest impact.

Read more about her here.

Gold medalist
Maya DiRado, Olympic Gold Medalist and Engineer

MAYA DIRADO, WE Local San Jose Closing Keynote Speaker
Olympic Gold Medalist and Engineer

Maya DiRado, Olympic Gold Medalist and Engineer, is our closing keynote speaker at WE Local San Jose. Maya is living, and swimming, proof that perseverance transcends all aspects of achievement, from inside the classroom and beyond. A Stanford University alumnae and California native, Maya graduated in 2014 with a degree in Management Science and Engineering in addition to winning NCAA Titles in both the 200m and 300m yard medley. She won four medals representing Team USA in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, and is now retired to embark on a career as a business analyst at McKinsey.

Reaching Beyond Your Limits

Maya will share her story on the dedication that won her Gold medals, and how that translates to persistence in her career. Learn how effective goal setting, a growth mindset and surrounding yourself with the right team will help you reach beyond your limits.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Maya face Katinka Hosszu in the 200-meter backstroke, who was favored to win. Maya was behind the entire race until she pushed the last 25 meters and out-touched her competitor by one-hundredths of a second for the win. Immediately after learning she won, Maya said,”My team believed in me so much… it was just a matter of convincing myself, and I did.”

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