ExxonMobil Creates Collegiate Outreach Award for WE17

Award will highlight outstanding outreach programs designed by SWE Collegiate Sections.
ExxonMobil Creates Collegiate Outreach Award for WE17

ExxonMobil is excited to announce their establishment and sponsorship of a new collegiate competition centered around outreach. Created in the spring of 2017, the new “Collegiate Outreach Award” sponsored by ExxonMobil will highlight the creative, engaging, and affordable K-12 STEM activities that are developed by SWE organizations.

The goal of this competition is to highlight outstanding STEM outreach activities within the SWE community at the SWE’s Annual Conference, WE17 in Austin, TX from October 26-28, 2017. The program is also designed to encourage the persistence of all collegiate students leading outreach programs.

Following review by ExxonMobil judges of applicant submissions, the top three teams will be granted outreach awards to be used to fund future outreach events. The deadline for submission is September 3, 2017.

Download the competition criteria and complete award recipient information here.

Background of ExxonMobil Collegiate Outreach Award

From ExxonMobil: We at ExxonMobil believe that K-12 STEM education has a meaningful impact on peoples’ lives and creates economic opportunities for women and minorities. This competition and its awards are one piece of our mission to increase diversity in STEM fields. The goal of our new outreach competition is to highlight outstanding STEM outreach activities within our SWE community at the 2017 National Conference and to encourage the collegiate students who are leading those activities to continue.

This year we are recognizing creative, engaging and affordable STEM activities for fourth through eighth grade students, with rotations through different age groups in the future. Applicants must be university students who have led the activity with a K-12 group in the current school year. Additional criteria are available on the collegiate competition page of the SWE website.

Additional questions?

Please see the SWE collegiate competition website for more information or contact ExxonMobil directly at SWE.Outreach.Competition@exxonmobil.com with any additional questions.

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