Spotlight on SWE’s First International Affiliate in Brazil

SWE Rio Grande do Sul Oeste was the first SWE International Affiliate in Brazil. With SWE, we are impacting the future generation.
Spotlight On Swe’s First International Affiliate In Brazil

Rio Grande do Sul Oeste

SWE Rio Grande do Sul Oeste was the first SWE International Affiliate in Brazil. We began in November 2012 and became an official affiliate in 2014. We have increased our membership from 6 to 32. The group has been working with the main objective of attracting, retaining and developing women in STEM through panels with successful leaders and participation in conferences as well as technical and motivational seminaries in high schools and universities.
The group is sponsored by John Deere Horizontina and activities are done inside the company as well as at the Horizontina community and surround cities. Our latest activities include:

  • Career Fair: At a local school career fair, we talked about engineering careers and opportunities in this area with about 82 students.
  • Coffee & Learn: We promoted a Coffee & Learn event for John Deere early talent students (15 to 17 years old) about careers and the broad field of engineering.
  • Round Table with John Deere Leader: Encouraging women’s development, we invited a female leader to share her knowledge and experience with our participants.
  • Seminar: We promoted a “Women in Engineering” seminar at three different regional colleges. We shared information about women in STEM careers and the benefits of diversity. These events reached 232 students from Agronomy, Civil, Industrial, Mechanical and Automation Engineering.

SWE is well-known in United States, but the same is not yet true for Brazil, so our group is putting a lot of effort into spreading the word about SWE within other companies and universities in Brazil. We truly believe in this Society. With SWE, we are creating strong connections and developing ourselves and others. We are impacting the future generation. We are positive that SWE in Brazil has a bright future ahead. 

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  • Spotlight on SWE's First International Affiliate in Brazil

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