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SWE's Governance Update Page is continuously updated with news, resources, and information about the status and ongoing work of the governance update.
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Society of Women EngineersThe Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is working to improve the functionality and efficiency of our governance structure. It is important that our members are aware of this project and are provided an opportunity to contribute to the conversation.

SWE's Governance Update Page is continuously updated with news, resources, and information about the status and ongoing work of the governance update. You'll find videos, podcasts, documents, and answers to frequently asked questions. Below is a timeline of our progress this year.


  • January – Webinar provided an overview of the upcoming changes specifically focusing on how they will affect collegiate members. Governance Task Force presented governance updates at the Winter Senate Meeting and Motion S1717: Endorsement of the Proposed Governance Changes passed with 30 in the affirmative and 1 abstain.
  • February - Updated presentation, outlining current status and future work, was shared with Senators and Region Governors, and at Region conferences and WELocals. Video of presentation was recorded for further dissemination.
  • June - Draft implementation plan and timing for all remaining steps provided by Governance Task Force to SWE leaders and posted to governance web site. Feedback was solicited, with a deadline of July 15th, and incorporated into the revised plan.
  • August - Governance Summit held with ~100 SWE leaders to provide a venue for active collaboration, to voice and resolve any remaining questions and concerns about the governance path forward, to understand the role of each leader in the upcoming changes, and to identify any additional resources needed for SWE to be successful.
  • September - Finalized implementation plan and bylaws changes to be communicated to all SWE members. A link will be added once the documents are available.
  • October – Detailed bylaws changes to be voted on by the Senate.

If you have additional questions, or would like to express your viewpoint, we encourage you to send an email to