SINO-US Women in Engineering Symposium Set for April

SWE and the Chinese Academy of Engineering will host a symposium to convene, support, and highlight the dynamic work of women leaders in engineering.
SWE Leadership Summit Update

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) to host a SINO-US Women in Engineering Symposium in April 2018. Through this partnership, we will host a symposium to convene, support, and highlight the dynamic work of women leaders in engineering from China and the United States.

The symposium will run from April 22–26 in Beijing and Changsha, China. The high-level objectives:

  • Provide a forum for a cross-cultural exchange of insights and ideas on cultivating greater participation of women in engineering disciplines
  • Forge a path forward to develop future joint programs
  • Showcase the innovative work and research of women leaders in the global engineering community

The symposium will welcome and host a total of 40 to 50 women composed of a SWE delegation of 15 to 20 women in academia and industry along with 20 to 25 women representing CAE. Through a generous grant from The Henry Luce Foundation, SWE can provide travel stipends for up to 8 women from academia.

If you or a colleague are interested, please fill out the online application form by January 24. We will respond to applicants before or by February 5. For questions, please contact

The recommended profile of attendees at the symposium are:

  • An experienced engineering and/or technology executive from industry
  • Noted subject matter expert and/or senior leader from academia in engineering and technology

Basic criteria for academic applicants:

  • Faculty must hold engineering appointments in an ABET accredited institution
  • Faculty applicants must have held an academic appointment for at least 3 years

The partnership between SWE and CAE will not only make a positive and tangible impact on the engineering profession within China and the United States but also on a global scale. The symposium will provide a forum for productive and collaborative dialogue over the next few years to further the advancement of women in engineering.

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