Master the Art of Leading – Strategic Leadership Webinar Series Continued

On-demand versions of these and other webinars are available in the Advance Learning Center for those who cannot attend the live web sessions.

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Master the Art of Leading - Strategic Leadership Webinar Series Continued

Continue your Strategic Leadership journey with SWE – and learn practical ways to close the leadership gender gap!  Our Strategic Leadership webinar series continues in March with two new learning opportunities.

Strategic Leadership 301: Producing Results from Strategy

Thursday, March 15, 2018
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
Speaker: Terra Winston

Identify ways to translate your own strategic imperatives into daily operations.

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Strategic Leadership Wrap-up: Closing the Leadership Gender Gap

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CDT
Speaker: Beth Michaels

Identify the drivers of attrition with regard to women engineering leaders, and recognize practical ideas for creating a more satisfying work experience for men and women engineers.

This webinar is based on SWE’s Gender Culture Study.

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Find On-demand Webinars in the Advance Learning Center

Watch the first four webinars of the series to get caught up! Learn how to how to turn your ideas into a vision (Strategic Leadership 101), and your vision into a strategy (Strategic Leadership 102) – as well as the individual skills needed to  make your strategy work (Strategic Leadership 201 and 202).

Strategic Leadership 101: Crafting a Compelling Vision
Identify the human and business cases for communicating a clear vision, and identify steps required to formulate yours.

Strategic Leadership 102: Moving from Tactician to Strategist
Create a personal plan to transition from being tactical to being strategic.

Strategic Leadership 201: Clarifying Roles to Improve Execution
Identify ways to build mutual accountability to project teams.

Strategic Leadership 202: Making Conflict Productive
Conflict resolution is tough – especially in the workplace. Identify tools and exercises to facilitate constructive conflict with others. 


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