Attend SWE’s First WE Local Symposium in Providence

WE Local Symposium brings together members of industry and academia to learn how they can collaborate to innovate solutions to local problems.
Attend SWE's First WE Local Symposium in Providence

Attend SWE's First WE Local Symposium in ProvidenceAt WE Local Providence, SWE will unveil the brand new WE Local Symposium on Thursday, April 19, 2018. The symposium will offer a discussion between members in industry and academia that will shed light on how faculty, students and researchers can collaborate with industry professionals for a mutually beneficial outcome. After Providence, the WE Local Symposium will feature different themes and topics of interest at future WE Local conferences.

WE Local host cities offer a sneak peek into industries that impact SWE academic members, professionals and organizations in the area.  For 2018, WE Local is offering a one-day symposium where SWE members and industry professionals can come together to discuss a topic that is impacting their local area.

Participants will identify the benefits of partnerships between industry and academia, best practices for handling intellectual property issues, and areas for collaboration on both the research and industry side. Space is very limited for this special event. Email if you have interest in attending!

WE Local Symposium in Providence, RI

WE Local is bringing the Symposium concept to WE Local Providence with the topic of “Industry-Academia.”  The symposium is intended to:

  1. Inform academic participants of the problems and unmet research needs in one or more industry sectors;
  2. Introduce industry participants of the area(s) to the expertise and research interests of faculty members; and
  3. Promote the discussion and development of collaborative relationships between industry and academic participants.


The purpose of a symposium is to fill a gap and/or need within a local area.


  1. Faculty members
  2. Graduate research students
  3. Industry professionals



  • Work opportunities for students and/or future employment
  • Research for thesis or dissertation


  • Publication subject matter and outside grants for development
  • Promotion of women in academia and STEM


  • Lower costs by working with academia and utilizing their skills and research
  • Solutions and innovative approaches to existing problems


Cost is complimentary and includes lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack breaks.