Celebrate the Global Day of the Engineer with SWE

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) joins DiscoverE in celebrating the Global Day of the Engineer #GlobalEngineer #BeThatEngineer #GlobalDayoftheEngineer
Celebrate the Global Day of the Engineer with SWE

Celebrate the Global Day of the Engineer with SWEGlobal Day of the Engineer is Wednesday, April 4.  It's the annual celebration of engineers recognizing how they make the world a better place and inspiring the next generation to take on future challenges of engineering.

How have you inspired other engineers? Join the conversation on SWE social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtags #GlobalEngineer #BeThatEngineer #GlobalDayoftheEngineer #SWETalk

Three Easy Ways to Participate from DiscoverE

  1. Post a photo of engineers or an engineering innovation, use #GlobalEngineer, and be eligible to win a $100 eGiftcard.
  2. Do hands-on engineering activities with students.
  3. Attend the Day in the Life of Engineers: Making Global Impact program. Join DiscoverE for the final session of the 2018 Global Marathon as they travel across the globe hearing from engineers who are creating purposeful solutions to today's great challenges. This free session starts at 12 pm ET in the US on April 4. Register Now.

Have an inspiring Global Day of the Engineer!

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