SWE Regional Social Media Accounts Closing

SWE members and sections/affiliates will continue to engage via our primary social media accounts.
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Dear SWE Members,

SWE Regional Social Media Accounts Closing []As many of you know, the Senate adopted Bylaws amendment S-1803 during WE17 in Austin to dissolve the geographic region boundaries of the United States membership. After three decades with this structure, it is understandable that there remains some hesitation by some of our members as the transition process evolves. The adoption of this governance structure is a change management process, and it is important to remember that this path forward was approved by the region-elected Senators in concert with membership input.

Certain regional identities, such as regional social media accounts, will need to be closed. This is an important step in our transition because having groups representing themselves as region-based identities on social media will create confusion amongst current and potential members, as well as our organizational partners.

By no means is our goal to eliminate the connecting, networking and sharing our members and sections/affiliates conduct over social media. So, in the coming weeks, SWE will be launching a SWE Members Facebook group that will host all of the engagement and discussions that currently take place at the region level. This will offer our members in the U.S. and across the globe one collaborative place to connect on social media.

Tools and instructions will be provided to regions so they can download all of the content from their current region Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Existing content can be migrated to the new SWE Members Facebook group and also sent to the SWE archives for historical preservation. Regions using the social media platforms Linkedin and Snapchat will be required to close those accounts as well, tools currently do not exist to archive that content. This only applies to region accounts, not individual or section/affiliate accounts.

SWE actively engages and shares content posted by SWE members and sections/affiliates via our primary social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat:

SWE Regional Social Media Accounts Closing []

As we progress in this new direction for SWE, we encourage our members to engage with  SWE leadership to help ensure that the transition away from region boundaries is as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. For more information on this governance update please visit governance.swe.org.

Your SWE Leadership,

Jonna Gerken, FY18 SWE President
Penny Wirsing, FY19 SWE President
Karen Horting, SWE Executive Director & CEO
Jessica Rannow, FY18 Integrated Marketing Advisory Board Chair

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