Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin

Brought to you by SWE’s Professional Programs team (Valerie Bland, Senior Manager Professional Programs and Camryn (Cam) Wagner, Learning and Development Specialist)

The Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin is a way for SWE’s Professional Programs team to share updates on new tools and educational offerings (both in-person and online content) available to SWE members.

Get Ready for WE18 with SWE Advance!

As you plan for WE18, remember that you can ease pre-conference nerves with conference related offerings available for FREE for members in the Advance Learning Center. SWE professional development offers a variety of online programming to help you prepare for the event.  Advance Conference Prep Package Includes:

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Advance Learning 2.0 Bulletin

Additional Online Offerings

  • Diverse Episode 48: WE18 First-Timers – This podcast episode is great for those who haven’t been to a SWE conference, but also gives helpful updates on all sessions and programming. FY19 President Penny Wirsing interviews FY17 President Jessica Rannow about WE18 programming that even experienced conference-goers may not be familiar with.
  • What Not to Wear: SWE Conference Edition – Conference attire can be a point of uncertainty for many women. But have no fear! This on-demand webinar gives concrete advice for how to dress at a professional conference – and is available on YouTube for accessible viewing.

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