SWE Affiliate Activities in Costa Rica

Global Ambassador, Blanca Rosa Navarro Piedra, shares 2018 activities for the San Jose SWE affiliate in Costa Rica, and goals for 2019.
SWE CCEW Holds Workshop on Career Development

By: Blanca Rosa Navarro Piedra, SWE Global Ambassador

As a SWE international ambassador, I am so proud that during 2017 the first University Affiliate was launched in Costa Rica, thanks to the collaboration of professors and students of The Latin American University for Science and Technology (ULACIT). Another great achievement in 2018 for SWE Costa Rica was to launch the professional Affiliate in collaboration with four women engineers of different companies: Boston Scientific, Emerson and DXC. Now the affiliate is growing with new members who will help us in upcoming events during 2019.

In 2018, we had the opportunity to create outreach events with the University of Villanova from Philadelphia, USA and the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and ULACIT. During the week of March 4th to March 11th, seven Villanova students visited UCR and ULACIT campuses to learn about university programs, and participate in workshops with our corporate sponsors Emerson and DXC where they shared with women engineers from chemistry and information technology areas.

Then we had two outreach events: one in the UCR with participation of 50 high school women students and 6 teachers in two groups. They had hands-on experiences in civil, electronic and mechanical engineering workshops.

The second event was at ULACIT were 60 high school women students and 7 teachers participated and learned about chemistry, occupational health and safety, and engineering. They also had a workshop related to compute and electronic engineering. Villanova students also visited touristic places.

As a SWE international ambassador, I had the opportunity to talk during the women in technology week at Universidad Latina and the career fair at DXC.

Also last year, SWE professional and University affiliates shared women engineers’ experiences in Medical and Technology industries with students of the “Avancemos” program created by the government at ULACIT.

For 2019, Villanova students will visit Costa Rica again, and in this opportunity, they will participate in the Young Women TEDX Event at ULACIT. We will have a workshop for more than 100 women high school students, including a coffee networking talk with students from several universities, professors and professional women to discuss the position of women in engineering and Costa Rican engineering opportunities.

Finally, we are looking for new students and professionals to join our affiliates and create new opportunities to expand SWE in Costa Rica and Latin-America.

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