Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

In honor of National Engineers Week, Philadelphia's SWE section held a hands-on children's activity at The Franklin Institute for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.
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adorable-bubbles-childOn Saturday, February 23rd, SWE Philadelphia led a hands-on activity at The Franklin Institute for their Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day event. We had seven fantastic volunteers from the Philadelphia SWE Section and both Drexel University’s and Temple University’s SWE sections. About 300 kids stopped by the table throughout the event. The event was in recognition of National Engineers Week from February 17-23 and was dedicated to educating kids and adults of all ages about the importance of STEM education.

The kids that stopped by for the event were asked to experiment and engineer a unique bubble wand. They made these bubble wands of all shapes and sizes out of pipe cleaners, beads, and chopsticks. They then proceeded to test their wands to see what kind of bubble shapes they can make. SWE Volunteers then explained to the kids what bubbles are comprised of and why bubbles are round.

As part of this event, Dani Schroeder, Philadelphia SWE’s Vice President of Outreach, took part in their new STEM Spotlight initiative where she spoke with girls from a local Girl Scout troop! During this talk, she briefly explained to them what engineers do and then specifically what she does as a civil engineer. She also mentioned how they can get involved with the Society of Women Engineers right now through the SWENext program.

Content for this article was provided by Danielle Schroeder, Vice President of Outreach, Philadelphia SWE Section.