FY21 Call for Nominations

To all professional and collegiate SWE members, the deadline for submitting FY21 nominations is approaching soon...make sure to nominate someone by Wednesday, September 25.

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FY21 Call for NominationsA reminder that the deadline for submitting nominations for the FY21 Society Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Senate leadership, Senate, and chair-elects for the five standing committees is September 25, 2019. The Society Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility for slating at least one qualified candidate for FY21 in each of the following positions:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Director (3 positions)
  • Trustee (3 positions, 3-year term)
  • Deputy Speaker of the Senate (1-year term)
  • Senate Secretary (1-year term)
  • Senator (7 positions, 3-year term)
  • Audit Committee Chair-Elect
  • Bylaws Committee Chair-Elect
  • Ethics Committee Chair-Elect
  • Finance Committee Chair-Elect
  • Nominating Committee Chair-Elect

All positions are for one nominee and for a 2-year commitment, except where noted..

Information on the eligibility, requirements, and responsibilities for each of the SWE leadership positions that are being slated for FY21 are outlined within the Nomination Application for FY21 Society Elected Leadership Positions Appendix.

A Nomination Application for FY21 Society Elected Leadership Positions form is required to be completed for each nominee. The form must be submitted on-line prior to September 25, 2019, at 11:59pm CST in order for the nominee to be considered. For further information on the Call for Nominations, please see the August 22, 2019 announcement.

At SWE, we acknowledge and respect the value of a diverse community. We recognize that the scope of diversity includes race/ethnicity, religion, family status, age, physical abilities, sexual and affectional orientation, actual or perceived gender, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status and occupational focus. Our society will maintain an environment that is supportive of these elements, and we will promote inclusion within our organization and the engineering community.

FY20 Society Nominating Committee

  • Inaas Darrat, Chair – Houston Area Section
  • Stacey DelVecchio, Chair-Elect – Central Illinois Section
  • Allison Pedersen – Minnesota Section
  • Ashley Pietz – Santa Clara Valley Section
  • Brittney Elko – Mt. Diablo Section
  • Diana Joch – Member at Large
  • Elizabeth Bierman – Minnesota Section
  • Erica Brackman – International Member at Large – China
  • Heather Bernardin – Philadelphia Section
  • Jessica Rannow – Central Ohio Section
  • Shelley Stracener – Dallas Section
  • Sunita Lavin – Kansas City Section

Submit your nominations today.

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