How to Show Sincere Gratitude as a Leader

Think about a boss, manager or leader you genuinely respect. Chances are good this person provided you and your team gratitude and positive acknowledgment for your work efforts and results.
How To Show Sincere Gratitude As A Leader

“Sincere gratitude starts with you as the boss. It builds strong teams and creates positive workplaces!”

– Jeannette Seibly

The holidays serve as an important reminder for everyone to express gratitude each and every day. This is especially true for leaders. Your employees will feel valued when you tell them, “Thank you for doing a great job.”

How To Show Sincere Gratitude As A Leader

Expressing gratitude to your employees, and your boss, encourages them to go the extra mile. Also, it’s a smart way to motivate everyone to keep morale up, particularly when working through a difficult project or issue.

How To Show Sincere Gratitude As A Leader

5 Tips for Expressing Gratitude Sincerely

  1. Talk About Successes! Talk about others in a positive way. This sets an example for team members to brag about each other. Include the small wins as well as the bigger ones! Remember, always acknowledge others for their efforts, even if it’s part of their everyday job.
  2. Be Sincere. If your gratitude is insincere, it is worse than expressing no gratitude at all. Gratitude must be sincere to develop trust and increase job satisfaction. It can be expressed in writing and verbally. Be sure your non-verbal behaviors and words are in sync to ensure sincerity is heard and felt.
  3. Be Specific. Vague feedback or compliments are meaningless. Talk straight about the specific behavior or action someone has taken. This provides clarity about behaviors, attitudes, and actions they should repeat. For example, say to an employee, “Thank you for taking the extra time to work with the client. They expressed to me their appreciation for your patience.”  The word patience will be remembered and repeated again and again.
  4. Provide Positive Feedback. Use gratitude when coaching an employee. For example, when an employee hands in an assignment late, express appreciation that the project was completed. This starts the conversation on a positive note. Then, you can address why the assignment was not handed in on time.
  5. Say “Thank you,” “Please,” and “You’re Welcome.” These three powerful phrases still express a lot of gratitude when said with sincerity. Use these frequently for best results!

So here we go … Thank you for reading this post! You are appreciated. (It felt good, didn’t it?!)

Remember, gratitude is only learned by practicing it over and over daily. Doing so will have it become a natural part of who you are as a leader!

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