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Celebrate Graduation with SWE Honor Cords!

We are pleased to offer you the chance to mark your graduation with a SWE honor cord to commemorate your membership in the Society of Women Engineers.

Published On: April 2017

Celebrate your high school or university graduation with a SWE honor cord!

honor cordsGraduation represents an exciting time in the life of a high school or university student. We are pleased to offer you the chance to mark your important day with a SWE Honor Cord to commemorate your membership in the Society of Women Engineers. These honor cords will allow women to showcase their SWE pride, and celebrate their achievements as they take the next steps toward becoming successful women in engineering and technology.

Order your SWE Honor Cord now!

Honor cords are intertwined decorative ropes with tassels worn around your neck and over your cap and gown at graduation. They are traditionally worn by members of societies or those who have been recognized for various academic and non-academic achievements. SWE’s honor cords have two strands purple and one strand white. These honor cords are made by the largest tassel manufacturer in the world, which has been in business in Midtown Manhattan for the past 75 years.

SWE is excited to offer honor cords to graduating SWENexters and collegiate members. After much discussion and demand from our members, SWE Honor Cords are now available for purchase online at the SWE store.

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