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Enter the Wow! Innovation Challenge for a Chance to Win $500!

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SWE Leadership Summit Update

Enter the Wow! Innovation Challenge for a Chance to Win $500

It’s time for the second Wow! Innovation Challenge. This competition recognizes innovative outreach techniques being used by SWE sections and Members at Large to get K-12 students involved in SWENext and other SWE programs for students interested in STEM.

The theme for this challenge is “Enhancing Your Programming with a Parent/Educator Program (PEP).” Parents and teachers are very influential on students and the career paths they choose. Show us how you plan to target these important advocates when you execute an outreach program.

SWE will award a $500 outreach stipend to the winning section/MAL. The winners will also receive recognition on SWE social media and our website.

Congratulations to the University of Pittsburgh section of SWE for winning the first challenge. Take a look at this video demonstrating engaging ways and best practices for recruiting students for outreach events.

You can apply for the second challenge between Jan. 6 and Jan. 31, 2016. Winning applications will clearly communicate an original, creative approach to the challenge that can be replicated easily by others. For more information, please contact Kate Nolan.

Learn how to apply and requirements for your content on the Wow! Innovation Challenge page. Good luck!


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