Podcast: Writer Talks about Creating Our SWENext Comic Book

Kelly Thompson, writer of our first SWENext comic book Constance & Nano: Engineering Adventure #1, explains how it was developed.
Video: Constance and Nano Engineering Adventure Comic Book Series

comic bookIn our latest podcast, Jessica Rannow, FY17 President of the Society of Women Engineers, interviews Kelly Thompson, a novelist and comic book writer. She is the writer of our first SWENext comic book: Constance & Nano: Engineering Adventure #1. She has also written comic books about the Ghostbusters, Captain Marvel, A-Force and Star Wars. She is based in Portland, Oregon.

Our SWENext comic book is called Constance & Nano: Engineering Adventure #1.  It was introduced at SWE’s last annual conference in Philadelphia as an outreach tool to encourage girls to consider a career in engineering and technology.

Curious high school student Constance noticed that every time it rains, the streets flood and traffic gets dangerous! With the help of her teacher and a very special hi-tech superhero, Constance learns how to save the day! Plus: Learn about the Society of Women Engineers and start your very own chapter of SWENext at your school!

constance_and_nano_issue1-102416-picTo download the comic book, go to constanceandnano.swe.org. Or you can download it for free on Amazon or the iBooks Store.

To learn more about our SWENext program for girls, go to swenext.swe.org.

SWE’s Diverse podcast is brought to you by SWE Advance, supporting the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in engineering through career resources, professional development and one-to-one networking opportunities.


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