SWE-Sponsored FIRST Team Rapoport Raven Robotics Has Ambitious Designs

The team has made strides against stigmas of the STEM field, and it currently has an equal male to female ratio of officer positions.

SWE-Sponsored FIRST Team Rapoport Raven Robotics Has Ambitious Designs

The Society of Women Engineers asked our SWE-sponsored FIRST teams to update us on their progress, and our team Rapoport Raven Robotics at Rapoport Academy in Waco, TX sent the following update. The team has 17 members, 9 boys and 7 girls.

By Clay Springer

Rapoport Raven Robotics, Team 2897, is eager to compete in another exciting year of the FIRST® Robotics Competition. FIRST POWER UP introduces us to a familiar game piece transportation prompt; however, it comes with a unique twist. Game pieces can now be exchanged for specific power-ups that have the possibility of changing the outcome of the match. Powerboxes, the primary game pieces for this season, are placed onto switches and scales to gain points. Similar to past events, we are challenged to have our robot climb onto an elevated bar by the end of the match for a game-changing amount of points.

This Season So Far
2897 strives for ambition with our designs. We always pursue all avenues of point-scoring in FRC and this season is no different. We decided to pursue an omni-wheel tank drive drivetrain, as we are prioritizing speed and precision in our robot’s movement. In the meantime of us finalizing our frame and drivetrain, we have gathered all of the materials necessary for the climbing and intake systems. The remainder of the build season will be dedicated to implementing these systems with the materials, tools, and mentorship that we have access to thanks to our amazing sponsors and involved teacher-volunteers.

SWE-Sponsored FIRST Team Rapoport Raven Robotics Has Ambitious DesignsCommunity Outreach
Rapoport Raven Robotics is always open to any and all to join and participate in FRC. To better connect our school to FRC , we host a robot reveal dinner event every year. This event showcases our robot and FRC values while involving participants in raffles and eating challenges. After continuous experience of competing in FRC, Rapoport Raven Robotics eagerly assisted in bringing the Brazos Valley Regional FRC event to our local communities last season. We were happily surprised to see teams from other states and countries compete so close to the community we started in.

SWE-Sponsored FIRST Team Rapoport Raven Robotics Has Ambitious DesignsWho We Are
The further we are into a Robotics project, the further our members develop their own engineering skills. Although we aim for good FRC performances, ensuring that our members get realistic engineering experience in a cultivating environment is our main goal. In our pursuit of involving Rapoport in FRC, we have made strides against stigmas of the STEM field. We currently reside at an equal male to female ratio of officer positions and plan to continue our expansion into the rest of the school. For anyone interested in our team, more information can be found at RapoportAcademy.org.


SWE has awarded grants to 10 FIRST Robotics Competition teams for the 2018 season through its Gender Diversity Grant, funded by the Motorola Solutions Foundation. Each team received a $1,000 grant in recognition of its focused efforts in creating equity, inclusion, and diversity on their roster and for including underrepresented and underserved populations in their recruiting efforts.

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